Monday, July 29, 2013

"Let’s get one thing straight. Janet Napolitano is no advocate for immigration reform. In fact, in all these years, I’ve only known her to advocate for one thing: Janet Napolitano."

Gannett's Baxter Bulletin has this by Ruben Navarrette Jr.: For Napolitano, It's Another Extreme Political Makeover
This is how she rolls. When she finds herself backed into a corner, criticized for something she did or should have done, she doesn’t just defend herself. Instead, Napolitano overcompensates and portrays herself as a champion for the cause that she neglected. She did it in Arizona, where I once saw her — after taking a powder on Chandler — try to represent herself to a group of Hispanic lawyers as a defender of civil rights. It was surreal.
Back in the real world, according to sources with firsthand knowledge of White House meetings on immigration, Napolitano was an impediment to Obama’s policy change in 2012 that gave undocumented young people deferred status and a two-year work permit. Yet she later embraced the policy.

U. of Alienation?--is UC sending a message that alienates key groups?: The Legacy Of Janet Napolitano As Secretary Of The Department Of Homeland Security: Dangers To The University Of California and Public Education

University Of California Regents to sell $665 million bonds-week of August 5, not an article- just that info from Reuters.
other forms of potential future wide spread alienation discussed here.

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