Friday, July 12, 2013

Napolitano Doesn't Mention UC Staff

in fact no one does. see: Regents' special committee nominates Janet Napolitano for next UC president

""If appointed, I intend to reach out and listen to chancellors, to faculty, to students, to the state's political leaders, to regents, to the heads of the other public higher education systems and, of course, to President Yudof and his team, who have done so much to steer the University of California through some extremely rough waters."
** she does not mention Alumni either- what else is new?**
and Washington Post coverage

and the UC Academic Senate Chair's statement.

sounds like Powell also pits Brown against Napolitano in this comment: "“She’s clearly got the capacity to speak to the governor and have blunt conversations about … the trade-offs they need to make,” Powell said."

Brown goes head to head with the Feds regularly on a multitude of issues and it does not result in team of rivals benefits of blunt conversation... it results in confusion, delays and funding problems and on and on.

Daily Cal storify on it.

Remaking the University posts thoughts/doubts on the nomination
for a run-on question: Birgeneau said awhile back that UC is becoming a federal university - or, he said Cal is becoming a federal university. Is it possible that the flagship (Berkeley) and UCLA, etc. are becoming federal with the "political simulacra" of UCOP supporting them, and, as a result, all of the other campuses are futilely thinking they are left to 'pursuing their own individual fates' -but really what has happened is that they just lost even more of their power to the federally run parts of UC- they just dropped a few more pegs?

[As far as a Cal pol base support/network for her: Can't think that Brown and Newsom will be a reliable pair up to support her- they are not a pair, big wedge b/ween them on a number of items. They will advance their own ideas for themselves esp. on issues around higher ed. Their own (and, potentially, their wives) political futures to consider.

The interests of Steinberg and Speaker Perez also are all over the place.

Speaker Perez always flies under the radar on all of this- but he is a powerhouse with his own supporters.

and to rely on some sort of DiFi, Pelosi, Boxer statements of 'she's a woman and deserves it as first ever blah blah' is not going to work as the main driver for Hilary Clinton -much less Napolitano. (obviously, HRC has more going for her w/in beltway- and that is what will drive the bid for POTUS.) and someone like Willie Brown as supporter-- well, Kamala Harris...

Lately, there has been this thing of high profile people making comments about 'sitting at the table even if you don't think you are qualified simply b/c you are a woman' etc. talk and others claiming that they are being singled out for bad behavior just because they are female when it really might be about real problems, not just being female. It is a form of spin that is really a demoralizing approach. Can't the nominees or candidates just be presented for their strongest features and let things go from there?! Women can succeed, just like men. Women can mess things up, just like men. Hope Napolitano does not participate in this spin/posing approach.]


when, to fill in her academic background, UC Regents mention her dad's work at U. New Mexico - mostly thought of UD's extensive coverage of UNM, here is just a sample...

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