Sunday, July 14, 2013

Powell Storyboards The Brown-Napolitano Relationship

In Sac Bee: "When he starts talking about the pressures he's under, she's going to understand those things in a different way from Mark (Yudof)," Powell said. "She'll know how far she can take a conversation, and Jerry is going to know she understands."

Powell also said UC may benefit from being led by a Washington insider when it comes to the flow of federal dollars for financial aid, UC's five hospitals and the three national laboratories it manages.

first it is "blunt conversations"
then it is 'she will feel his pain'
Hold hands.
then, it is they will condole

"No Cushy Gig"-- that means no cushy relationships among the top players...everybody (and their respective staff, spouses)has their own agenda.

Time Mag. In Move to University of California, Napolitano Trades One Challenging Bureaucracy for Another- The departing Homeland Security secretary may have had enough of Washington, but running the financially strained UC system is no cushy gig

LA Times storyboarding--Napolitano will pull a Pope Francis?: "If Napolitano accepts a significantly lower package than Yudof has received, there might be a message that she wants to return the university to the days when leadership positions were seen more as a public service than as a sinecure that calls for ever-more-competitive pay."
and: " A public affairs spokesman for UC said that Napolitano is humble about how little she knows, and plans to do much touring, watching and listening at UC's 10 campuses before she makes any moves. And that, at least, speaks to her managerial smarts."

No constituent group at UC is going to tolerate an extended "listening tour"- that actually is NOT smart. It looks like you're thrown on a snowball going down hill, you don't get to stay in listening mode...Dynes did a tour.

The job starts Day One.
See links etc at Reclaim UC on 'Napolitano and The Securitized University' (one correction though: Peter Taylor is CFO, Brostrom is EVP Business Ops, two different positions)
The LA Times poll is now at 14,000+ and 78% disapproval of Napolitano

Cal Pol Issues suggests that maybe: "There seems to be more unhappiness with the appointment on the right than on the left"

but the Davis Vanguard (by a UC alum and from a Davis/Sacto crowd) says of their readership response: "surprising hot topic on Friday about the appointment to the UC Presidency of former homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano. That one caught me off guard. I put it in there with the expectation I was setting the table for a pointed commentary over the weekend that never emerged because the original piece and ensuing comments hit it all. In retrospect, it had all of the elements to draw a crowd. Napolitano proved as unpopular for the right as she did for the far left, and even those in the middle had little to offer in defense. Plus, there are so many different points of complaint about her."

and you can take a look at the extensive comments here for some add'l opinions: Napolitano to Become New UC President, Resigns as Homeland Security Chief
since storyboarding is big: for Gov. Brown on his trip to Ireland and Germany...

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