Friday, July 12, 2013

Remember when Yudof said UC is like running the Pentagon?

in this article: "Or, as Yudof put it, “This job is akin to steering the Pentagon.” ... pension reform and, in general, running “a more parsimonious operation.”

then you see how he tipped off the direction they were going to go:
Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC

Napolitano to head University of California

A "final separation" of UCOP and Regents (and the labs etc.) from the university? Yep.

DiFi? and Arizona political interests at play.

(on the petty side--it also is a response to the UC Regents and Yudof feeling upstaged by Gov. Brown at meetings, perhaps. In fact, are we getting a Brown appointed UC Regents base vote for the nominee? Or, is this still Schwarzenegger's UC Regents- and thus, their UC Regent Pres. nominee?)

Here is: Jerry Brown on the Napolitano nomination
Societal advances depend on basic science and new technologies -from Birgeneau on the home page
and for Dirks you gotta go to the LA Times (is he still the 'chancellor in waiting'):
"A brighter outlook for higher education in California
It's heartening to see voters, legislators and administrators united again in support of the Master Plan."
-Are they really?

folks thinkin' 'bout the master plan? seems like folks are barely paying attention- even to this development...
an appropriate time to warn about nostalgia...
Data show increase in number of nonresident students planning to enroll in UC
Constitutional amendment aiming to repeal Prop. 209 passes education committee in the CA state senate. Napolitano...
What if Jerry Brown were to fill all those UC Regent vacancies?
When would those terms begin and expire?
and what is Mark Yudof's last day as UC President since September is mentioned as the start date for a new UC President?
They could have gone with Petraeus-- then he would not have to deal with CUNY and USC...and all the multiple pay stubs and the recent press.

For recent updates on Napolitano nomination. and UCOP press release.

and here is the agenda for next week's UC Regents meeting.
Is it good for UC to have a future of Governor Brown and Governor Napolitano vying for it?
"Is this a relationship that's fulfilling your needs as well as mine?"

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