Monday, July 1, 2013

SCA 3 and University of California

see: First Amendment Coalition has come out in favor of SCA 3, they offer some background.
UC groups and interests will need to determine if they support SCA 3 as well...
Over the weekend SJ Merc: Internal Affairs: Steinberg reportedly rebukes Yee over public records stance

"God forbid you vote your conscience, and then tell people why," said the state Capitol expert we spoke with. The source added it would've been... foolish for anyone to think Yee -- a longtime government-transparency activist who's running for secretary of state next year -- would either vote for the bill or remain silent about it afterward if called by a reporter.

So Yee's public criticism of Steinberg, Budget Committee Chairman Mark Leno and other Democrats who'd voted to water down the Public Records Act shouldn't have come as a surprise. But Steinberg and other Dems reportedly were miffed nonetheless that Yee had hung them out to dry in public.

If it is unclear to you why the CPRA, Brown Act and other sunshine is important read: this latest post from CA Policy Issues at UCLA Fac Blog with details on how UC Regent meetings are broadcast and how the UC Regents maintain- or don't maintain- the records of their meetings.
And Aspen... on ideas, including-- the MOOCs they describe it as "a panel of edX President Anant Agarwal, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson, and co-founder of Coursera Andrew Ng ask have MOOCs live up to the hype? Are MOOCs a viable alternative to the college campus education experience? Will our love affair with technology disrupt that one-on-one connection that so frequently brings learning to life?"

also there:Henry V to Zuckerburg?! really?
on the road...knackered and wonderful.-- shoulda dedicated this to the CA Dems in the Leg who voted to gut the CPRA and created the outrage for themselves.

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