Saturday, July 20, 2013

Speaker Perez, Napolitano- "Private Conversations"

State Assembly Speaker: UC Regents Selection Process "Flawed"
he talks about many federal and state programs throughout
at 5:50 mark he talks about the recent moves on CPRA-- his account-- it is interesting to hear it.
On Napolitano:
California State Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, criticized the UC Board of Regents for the process used in selecting Janet Napolitano as its new President, calling it a "very flawed search."

"It should have been a much more open and deliberative process" Perez said on NBC 4's News Conference program. "They should have narrowed it down to a short list and had the short list of candidates interact with students, faculty and staff."

Perez said he nevertheless supports the selection of the Homeland Security Secretary for the position. "You can have a bad process and have a good outcome... sometimes it's called getting lucky."

Perez said he had initial concerns regarding Napolitano, relating directly to her department's deportation of 142,000 immigrants in the country illegally. He feared Napolitano would have a "chilling effect on the campus environment, especially students who were undocumented." Perez said private conversations with Napolitano convinced him to support her nomination.

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Here is the part specifically about Napolitano:

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Perez (who, some will surely note did not complete his studies at UC- at least not yet)
pointed out that Napolitano and Yudof both have JDs-- but several outlets list Yudof actually has an ol' school LL.B. -- Perez is trying to make the point that the JD is a "terminal degree" like a PhD. Perez does not mention Yudof's research into higher education, his prior work in Minnesota and Texas etc.- and he does not compare that with Napolitano's CV...Perez also gives a reality check on Napolitano's prior work with the AZ leg and taps down any possibilities of her breezing through/ploughing down Sacramento,"different dialect", and he mentions UC's broad constitutional autonomy...

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