Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"students dismissed those actions and said Napolitano only backed those programs after President Obama announced his own support."

ABC and Univision: Undocumented Students Describe Fears of Napolitano as New U.C. President
Ronquillo, who was born in the Philippines, also expressed frustration with Napolitano’s selection because he said it happened “quickly and secretly,” something several newspapers in California and U.C. professors have also complained about.

Looks like Univision, Telemundo, other outlets etc. are going to be covering the UC Regents meetings now (did not see any coverage before) so look for them at the press section at UC Regents meetings. They'll get to report on the 'UC siempre como una telenovela'...exciting.

View more videos at: http://nbcbayarea.com.

Student regent designate on Napolitano here
Meranze on: The Napolitano Appointment And The Regent's Rejection Of The University

He points to a post here on Regent Kieffer and his uncertainty on shared governance.

Want to point out something else to consider along with that from the last UC Regents meeting, just consider the cumulative effect of this as SOP over time:

1.During the buildings and grounds committee meeting on late Tues. afternoon Regent M and Regent De La Pena raised multiple concerns with regard to how the UCSD Med development projects were placed on the UC Regents agenda (toggle to the 1:07 mark). The UC Regents agenda drives the university, it is no small thing. They both asked whether or not it was following a proper established flow that apparently Regent Makarechian and Regent De La Pena felt should be followed- a set understanding b/ween the UC Regents and (what is supposed to be) their support staff. What Regent M and Regent De La Pena were told was that CFO Taylor,EVP Business Operatons Brostrom, Patrick Lenz, and Dr. Stobo had a meeting among themselves and THEY decided to place it on the agenda for the UC Regents meeting apparently without consulting with UC Regent committee chair Regent M and UC Regent committee chair De La Pena. That was really troubling to see play out-a potential indicator regental authority has moved... elsewhere. Does the UC allow for this shift in power in its constitutional by laws? Is it just considered delegating?

2. Does UC's constitutional autonomy remain in effect when the UC Regents have given so many easements, given away so much of their power to their senior administrators? Let's also note here: Ex Officio UC Regent and CA State Assembly Speaker Perez's statement this weekend that the UC Regent recruitment process of Napolitano was a "flawed" set up. Were the full Board of Regents ever in discussions on how to proceed? Was there ever an opportunity for ex officio UC Regent Speaker Perez to say to all of the other UC Regents "this proposed process is flawed"- and to have the other regents respond to that discussion prior to beginning the recruitment? Or, was it 'Special Committee'd' right from the start?

While we are at it?

Does UC's constitutional autonomy remain in effect when the UC President's office claims it has no oversight of individual campuses admin processes? This has been stated frequently in stories with unpleasant UC headlines multiple times.

[can I point just a couple of other things out? a)Yudof has in the past bemoaned how some faculty members expect to be kept in the loop as though they are executive vps b)Regent Ruiz has wondered at uc regent compensation meetings if uc regents are capable or incapable of making the complex decisions required- decisions outside their expertise- he said the UC Regents may be obsolete at the Jan Meeting this year.- Ruiz is now vice chair of the uc regents c) Jerry Brown is outta town studying his ancestry in Ireland and Germany while the LA Times blames him for the Udacity etc problems at San Jose State-- this is how public higher education is being run in the great state of California right now...]
You Can't Manage Up...
but you can teach--University Probe has a new post: UC 101: Educating Our New President by Charles Schwartz, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley.
Some links from UVa on Napolitano: coverage U Va has provided on Napolitano and how she is viewed at U Va, how they view her work process etc. and: here is one other piece, and one more.

David Petraeus' name comes up briefly in a couple of those links. Did his name come up in the recruitment for UC President? He recently accepted positions at CUNY and USC. Why are the powers that be- the ones who 'OK' the candidates- including at USC and at CUNY- so eager for this particular type of talent as major players in higher education?
on positive spin: here.

For something looking similar in SF see this and this

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