Saturday, July 13, 2013

The 'University of California Is A Political Problem'; also, it looks like a bad example for the recruitment process

That's the view at Reuters: Napolitano to inherit turmoil at helm of University of California
"The thinking is, you bring in someone with political savvy to solve what is essentially a political problem," Stripling said.
Sac Bee gets to it: Editorial: UC Isn't Public When It Comes To Picking Leader

"... But it is disappointing that the university community and the public have so little time to consider her record and for her to interact with university constituencies and the public in open forums before the regents make a decision.

Can she explain to all Californians why UC is important to the social, political and economic vibrancy of the state? Can she inspire UC's students and staff? Can she command the respect of the faculty?

Such a public vetting of its finalists has not been the UC tradition, but it should be.
"The thinking is, you bring in someone with political savvy to solve what is essentially a political problem," Stripling said.

Outgoing UC President Mark Yudof's nomination was announced on a Thursday in March 2008 and regents approved his appointment the following Thursday.

Public interaction would be helpful for the nominee, the university community and the public, part of the relationship-building needed to have a successful UC presidency. Unfortunately, secrecy and springing an appointment on the Friday before the regents' Thursday meeting, with no hint in the agenda of the upcoming presidential decision, do nothing to help the nominee's credibility.

That's why, in Texas, the names of University of Texas presidential finalists must be made public at least 21 days before the Board of Regents decision.

That's why the University of New Mexico, University of Utah, University of Minnesota, University of Vermont, University of Nebraska, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin and others announce presidential finalists and have the candidates meet and interact with faculty, staff, students and community members in open public forums."

--Actually it is not "so little time to interact"- she is not being made available for interviews or interactions with the press or public or UC community until AFTER the UC Regents vote next week.

the Chron Higher Ed covers Napolitano nomination with an emphasis on the important PR mission for splash...

LA Times poll survey has been 77% against Napolitano for the past 24+ hours since the announcement (about 13,000 voted)

Business Insider goes a bit over the top on the news
PS Let us keep in mind the process for the Dynes appointment as we consider all of this- imo it looks like there are still aftershocks...affecting the process.

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