Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"the way I see it the biggest problem is that professors simply just have a big incentive to pass students along."

What follows has been common talk among GSIs, even within earshot of undergrads. The profs sometimes even encourage the open complaining about it- particularly directed at the community college transfer population, and they encourage GSIs/Rs to I.D the students from that population using student info systems- not healthy for undergrads to have this directed at them without a solution, resources. It looks like it (the open complaining) is also used as a bonding ritual among profs and their GSIs in certain quarters.

On the other hand, there are some points that are raised in the piece below that (if true at UCSB, other campuses) should be addressed:
Open Letter to Janet Napolitano: Please Help the UC System Escape the Culture of Mediocrity by Jason Saltoun-Ebin on his experiences at UCSB
"Another way to look at the problem is to think about why professors are perpetuating a culture of mediocrity. There are many reasons, I'm sure, but the way I see it the biggest problem is that professors simply just have a big incentive to pass students along. First, doing so minimizes the likelihood that their students will give them negative reviews, especially important for professors who do not have tenure. More importantly, by passing students along professors protect their department from budget cuts as departmental funding, in many cases, is tied to the number of students enrolled in their department. Thus, the better the grade the student gets, the more likely they are to think favorably of that department and in turn recommend a course in that department to a friend."
Fortune/CNN concerns over the sudden departure of the CIO...
See: Worsening Problems With UC Pay "a proposal to increase employer and employee contributions to the pension again next year. Each of these increases helps make the pension fund (UCRP) more solvent. Each also amounts to annual cuts to staff and faculty take-home pay."
On Napolitano- Daniels comparisons
Mitch Daniels is being offered up as an example of a Governor without an academic background leading a university like Napolitano- um:
Mitch Daniels Sought To Censor Public Universities, Professors

Emails obtained by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information Act request show Daniels requested that historian and anti-war activist Howard Zinn's writings be banned from classrooms and asked for a "cleanup" of college courses. In another exchange, the Republican talks about cutting funding for a program run by a local university professor who was one of his sharpest critics.

Daniels has adopted a different public approach since taking over at Purdue. He hosted a lecture that included AAUP members on speech suppression at universities nationwide, and he sent an "open letter" to the Purdue community in January saying universities have squashed free speech rather than encourage it.

"The academies that, through the unique system of tenure, once enshrined freedom of opinion and inquiry now frequently are home to the narrowest sort of closed-mindedness and the worst repression of dissident ideas," he wrote.

are you seeing the same non PC ad placement next to this story at Daily Cal?
just cuz, T.O.P --xo Lenny Williams xo just gets it.

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