Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UC Regent Pattiz on New Student Regent, UCD Pepper Spray Report Update, Editorial on Napolitano Appointment

Pattiz was out of town on the vote on the student regent position- but managed to show up the next day to cast a vote for Napolitano and to send a letter to the LA Times:
"Oh, for goodness' sake, will this never stop?" This was how The Times' editorial characterized the fears of many in the Jewish community regarding the selection of the next student regent of the University of California system, a student leader with a history of leadership on and support for anti-Israel measures.

Would The Times' reaction be the same for a candidate who had expressed anti-gay marriage sentiments or did not support diversity at UC?

President Obama said that it's impossible to overlook black history as it relates to the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. Should Jews and supporters of Israel be asked to forget about their history of oppression or the Holocaust?

The Board of Regents overwhelmingly voted to confirm Sadia Saifuddin, the first Muslim student regent in UC history. Though I did not, I congratulate her on this historic appointment.

But for The Times to criticize expressed fears as if they are trivial is not worthy of a great newspaper.

Norman Pattiz, Beverly Hills. The writer is a UC regent. The views expressed here are his own.

LA Times on: the latest about the UC Davis Pepper Spray ongoing fallout -- (what is the status of things on the Berkeley part of the report?) and First Amendment Coalition has a breakdown of what it all means: Court Requires Disclosure of Unredacted Pepper Spray Reports
UT San Diego editorial on Napolitano a short one - guess most of their 'ink' is having to go to their mayor right now.

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  1. "Saifuddin calls herself a "huge advocate of free speech and of the responsibility that comes with free speech."
    -LA Times article

    How about the freedom of speech of Jewish UCSC professor Tammi Rossman-Benjamin of the AMCHA Initiative? When she complains about anti-Semitism on UC campuses and the anti-Semitic nature of BDS, she becomes the target of the MSA and SJP, who launch a campaign of vilification against her throughout the whole UC system calling her a racist and Islamophobe. Does Saifuddin respect Tammi's right of free speech?