Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UC Regents Meeting -Tuesday, July 16

see: the full agenda, background docs and how to connect to watch listen (You have to leave the connection open so that you can catch the open session, nothing starts on time. If you are just listening to the audio link you have to keep clicking the refresh.) Meetings have been added to the agenda and the agenda and docs may be revised up until the actual meeting. Times are PST.

on the agenda for Tues.:
3:00 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (Regents only session)
3:15 pm Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session)
Summary of Decisions during this meeting can be found at Daily Cal
open session began at 3:48pm
there was public comment, only one speaker giving a thank you on bldg UC Merced bldgs
Regent M chairs
Regent M and Regent De La Pena raised some good questions about why the first UCSD Med presentation agenda item was being presented to Regent M's buildings and grounds committee rather than Regent De La Pena's Health committee first...
Apparently Brostrom,Lenz,Stobo and Taylor had a meeting amongst themselves and decided to put this on the UC Regent agenda in this way
The UC Regent Chairs Regent M and Regent De La Pena were not included in the loop to decide how best to handle placing it on the agenda and so a lot of time was spent on a confusion and a questioning of whether this approach/flow of this agenda item through this way was, --- proper.

Regent M is asking on item GB4 why UCSD is paying $40 million dollar inducements to build capital projects at UCSD and he is getting not a straight forward answer from UCSD.
(Regent Zettel is wearing a neck brace.)
Peter Taylor is now trying to answer- he is at Chancellor Blumenthal's seat and mic.
One of the ex officio UC Regents (Feingold) is helping to explain the UCSD materials and answer the questions in a more understandable way than UCSD was able to answer.

Dr. De La Pena is also now trying to deduce the arrangements. He raises questions on 25% threshold on augmentation requests, budget overruns, change of scope.

General Counsel gives answer, Regent M suggests policy review.
Regent Ruiz suggest Finance committee should review policy on augmentations
General Counsel suggests that recommendations be drafted- Lenz says he will try towork on that for next meeting.
Regent De La Pena says otherwise create conditions.
Fac Advisor asks questions on gifts and STIP pool.
UCSD Chancellor Khosla raises concerns about stipulations on STIP proposed by De La Pena.
Taylor is squeamish about using the word arbitrage uttered by Khosla...
Regent M wraps it up, item approved.
Nimitz Pier project up next.
Questions on indirect cost recovery.
Khosla answers very clearly.
Zettel asks about UNOLS cost recovery
Bruce Applegate answers yes, gives a good overview, explanation of reciprocity agreements etc. within oceanographic community.
They mention raising height of pier two feet in anticipation of climate change over the next period of years-- YIKES
item approved
meeting adjourns.
you can watch the archive of the broadcast of this meeting at the link provided at the top of this post. Tomorrows meeting begins at 8:30am.

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