Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We don't know her record yet as Secretary of DHS yet,

do we?

So many things come out after the person has left office - we see it time and time again. It can be good or bad - a big gamble for those responsible for appointing her.
and did Powell get to actually meet and talk with her at length at any point: "“I have heard that she’s a good leader, she brings people together, but she’s also firm, and I like all of those traits,” said Bob Powell, chair of UC’s Academic Senate, the body that advocates for faculty on scholarly issues."
Anyway,other thoughts: Celebrity Trumps Substance By Joe Kiskis (UC Davis) (interestingly, Gov. Brown recently made comments about his fascination with the power of celebrity in advancing ideas, will try to find the link. Here it is article from my alumni Cal mag titled Administering Change, primarily about Dirks but there's this: While Brown, he adds, is fascinated by some of the academic superstars whose work he doesn’t necessarily understand or appreciate, he’s really interested in the relationship between ideas and celebrity.) it gets down to a deep truth, we've known for some time-- there are rock stars, and then there are ROCK STARS.
More on the Mitch Daniels denying he tried to censor Indiana Universities story - as it relates to a popular opinion that Daniels career trajectory into higher ed is like Napolitano...
Looks like the UC Regents have moved at 1:45pm PST to closed sessions for the remainder of the day - they begin open session again tomorrow at 8:30am- see previous posts for agenda etc.
The (Acting) CA Governor On What UC Needs and Napolitano's Compensation
read about it at the Sac Bee

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