Saturday, August 31, 2013

No UC President during September 2013? What does Sandberg think of Yellen?; More on Newco

On Napolitano - a Sept 30th start date and Yudof is already out the door? If UC system can manage a month without a UC President, then...
a CA Assemblymember Hannah Beth Jackson comments at the 3:31 mark here where she told some Cal women (words to the effect) that the equal rights was fought thirty years ago so she really could not believe what was happening with Title IX in higher ed in CA...and then she mentioned that she just had:

this CA Leg experience of listening to Sheryl Sandberg
can't seem to shake those comments while considering the Summers-Yellen race in light of these posts:

Sheryl Sandberg leans in for Larry Summers

Sheryl Sandberg, the Official Feminist of Larry Summers' Boys Club

Larry Summers True Record on Women by Sandberg from Nov 2008

so...uninspiring. but: not the only one feeling that way.
DailyCal on Janet Yellen
this Chron Higher Ed Basken piece on Newco

another really good: one- in detail on UC -by G. Barnett

and a review of Bob Samuels new book at Inside Higher Ed

h/t @cnewf -other really good links there on Udacity latest stats from summer session, and other items.

this piece from The Nation On the Death of Democratic Higher Education (has dropped off the Meranze picks listed on the homepage here, check out the other new links!).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CA Assembly Meet On Freedom of Speech in Higher Ed- New Legislation

UC says they have not yet developed a position on it yet - you can view the meeting here on ACR-76

Ex Officio UC Regent Speaker Perez on what to expect in the final weeks of this session

CA Schools Superintendent Ex Officio UC Regent Torlakson on 2013 STAR results

UC Regents Meet On CIO Search

that: happened today- here is the "agenda" etc

When was the last time Wachter attended an open UC Regents meeting session? he also chairs the governance committee but seems to try to fly low...
David Crane is included on the search committee for the new CIO. Some folks from the UC Foundations also included.
The search committee looks like it is 99% Schwarzenegger appointed- and Gov. Brown seems fine with that, so...

Look at the footnotes section about a quorum.

Does anyone know the real story on the sudden departure?
there's also: this recent post on UC Pension, and CalPers

Dirks: "I have to say- from the perspective of the East Coast and the Ivy League- I wasn't sure if this was a good move for anyone really"

Chancellor Dirks in the youtube clip here
The Core Problem With Obama Ed 2: Neglecting Student Learning
the newly appointed UC Pres Napolitano Farewell Speech to DHS delivered at the National Press Club
that story where UC legal said "the DA cannot win"

-- LA Times has this story on latest developments.:
And because Harran had the authority to "hire and fire" his lab personnel, Lomeli flatly rejected the argument that the professor was not bound by the labor code.

"The court concludes that he's an employer, period," the judge said.

Lomeli also rejected the defense allegation that the charges, filed in December 2011, did not fall within the statute of limitations. And he denied its request for a hearing to challenge the credibility of a Cal-OSHA investigator who wrote a 95-page report on which the charges were based

and, cal pol issues has more.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Reactions to Obama Higher Ed Speech, more

The Core Problems with ObamaEd
The most important fact about President Obama’s speech about college affordability in Buffalo is that he left out the three core problems facing higher education today--or he made them worse. These problems are:

1. public funding cuts, which has caused outright poverty for the local colleges most likely to serve poor students
2. lack of professional autonomy, in which faculty, staff, and students are not allowed to do their jobs without constant interference from external bureaucrats
3. inadequate educational quality, in which student learning is eclipsed by entry and exit statistics
read the full post: The Core Problems with ObamaEd
and: Obama’s Liberal Band-Aid for Higher Ed
Obama's own reflections on matters covered in his speech.
LA Times: on State Audit of UC on Title IX

Monday, August 19, 2013

(not so) Final Lessons

see: Final Lesson On Admin Bloat at UC
Dean Edley stepping down as Dean at Boalt - life is too short for the bs and can't remember the bad stuff...

Have a feeling there will be many more lessons to come.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A 'Kensington System' At UC Berkeley?

A sort of:'Kensington System' on Academic Freedom at UC Berkeley?-- in Cal Mag titled "Hopping Mad Frog Researcher Who Galls Industry Loses UC Lab Funds"

“Dr. Hayes had trouble attracting enough funding,” says Dan Mogulof, executive director of strategic communications for the university. “In the meantime, he has thousands of specimens in his lab that he has been charged for. And he just hasn’t paid his bills. That’s it.” In a follow-up email about Novartis/Syngenta, he adds, “I can state categorically that there is no institutional relationship between the company and UC Berkeley.” As for individual grants, he says the Office of the Vice Chancellor does not keep track of such financial arrangements and therefore has no knowledge of any conflicting interest. “Bottom line: The very same people who are alleged to be protecting a relationship with Novartis aren’t aware of any relationships individual faculty may have with the company.”

In other words, you can’t have a conflict of interest if you don’t know your own interest.

Hayes himself isn’t so sure about that. While he agrees that he did indeed run out of funding, he contends that’s because the university has been consistently overcharging him. (Mogulof denies this).

(Kensington System-the term refers to Queen Victoria's early years there and a system that was used to keep her in check.)
This mentions the $13,000 per month rental in the Oakland hills, doesn't mention the $12,000 per month rental in Lafayette and doesn't touch on other parts of the saga - but good overview
on: the latest at Blake House--which is in.... Kensington.
There's this interview to listen to on Schwarzenegger and his referendums history as it relates to UCOP, funding plans for UC (does Regent Reiss remember it this way too?),former UC Regent Chair Parsky comes up too, more. -worth listening to also b/c UC has majority Schwarzenegger appointed UC Regents now. h/t @cnewf
and a major UC vendor on Apple, musings on Walter Isaacson bias(?) in his biography on Jobs,the cloud, aging research, and ..just 'oh my' on all sorts of other things including 72 vs 45 footers...
Remember "The America?" or "Courageous"? Nothing looks like that anymore, a shame.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CA Assembly Higher Ed Meeting Aug 6th in Sacto

Video: August 6th CA Assembly Higher Ed Meeting in Sacramento
SB-21 University of California: UC Riverside Medical School. Roth Assembly - Third Reading

SB-141 Postsecondary education benefits: children of deported or voluntarily departed parents. Correa Assembly - Appropriations

SB-285 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Program. De León Assembly - Appropriations

SB-290 Nonresident tuition exemption: veterans. Knight Assembly - Veterans Affairs

SB-440 Public postsecondary education: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act. Padilla Assembly - Appropriations

SB-490 Early Assessment Program: common core academic content standards. Jackson Assembly - Third Reading

SB-595 Postsecondary education: financial aid. Calderon Assembly - Appropriations

SB-681 Community college districts: personal property. Hernandez Assembly - Third Reading
On Meritocracy or Bias in Admissions
UC 101 - On UC research and UC books
there's this,
On Attracting Top Scientists, Patents And Encouraging Them

Monday, August 12, 2013

That story brought up at the UC Regents meeting about UCSD

about the patient wandering off into the woods, a canyon and dying, here is the detail:
Family, Cops Search for Missing Hospital Patient believed to be in a hospital gown and neck brace, possibly using a walker

Body of missing hospital patient found- Patient wandered out of UCSD Medical Center

Body Of Missing Chula Vista Man Found In Canyon

Remembered that UC medical workers brought that up in their concerns for staffing. They made those comments during public comment but were cut off due to public comment time restrictions. Daily Cal is covering the data on overtime and medical employees: High Overtime Among UC Medical Care Workers May Indicate Understaffing
Daily Cal on the recent open access policy - not so open - it might create more problems rather than solutions: Open Contradictions

"upon further inspection, significant excitement over the UC policy is unfounded. As it stands, the policy is contradictory because of a loophole allowing faculty members to submit waivers on a per-article basis to opt out of open publication.

The university cannot call its policy an open access one when it allows some research articles to be exempt to open access over others. The waiver essentially disincentivizes those who work for a public institution from sharing all their research and allows them to pick and choose where their research goes, thereby creating a divide between those who can afford access to a private academic journal and those who cannot."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yudof on Baumol, Meritocracy and Salaries, more.

Yudof on FB his: Review: William J. Baumol, The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't (2012)
and Yudof's comment on Wilcox compensation (removed from the original LA Times article for some reason update: looks like they put the quote back in the article- so, here:) "In my world, elementary school teachers should be paid more than baseball players. But we live in a world of markets" - sounds more like some avg joe who just read the Sunday newspaper's Parade magazine "what do they make?" issue. It did not sound like a comment from the president of 'the world's greatest public university system'- where athletics and faculty do exist. Shouldn't the example of implementation of what 'should be' start at UC?

Guess it is all "Pollyannaish"...
Remaking the University on: Higher Education and Racial Inequality

UCOP touts this effort with HBCUs on graduate studies - but what is happening at the undergrad level?

Hope various groups make the latest reports/data part of the topic of conversations around the March on Washington Anniversary and initiatives going forward.
can't help it. early b-day gift.

Friday, August 9, 2013

UC Intern and Timesheets at UC

The latest story is about an intern at UCSF who claims she was told to only put 17 hours down when working a 40+ hour per week schedule among other things...

ah, the irony-- the last name, the field of expertise:
"Workman said unpaid internships are common in psychology, a field with an enormous surplus of graduates. She said the disparity creates an uneven playing field in which university psychology departments take advantage, using their internship programs as a means of getting free or cheap labor. Much like in the private sector, she believes the internship debate is a socioeconomic issue, where only people with additional financial resources are able to move forward."

One key issue unaddressed, questions left unanswered concern: the level of care the patients received when one considers the other factors in the situation. A therapist is obviously placed under stress if this is the true arrangement-- so, then, how does that affect the UC staff, students and faculty receiving therapy?

Also, it is reminiscent of the latest Boalt Hall case where there are allegations made about graduate students and time sheets and more.

See:Minding The Workplace has been covering the internship exploitation revolt for a long while - several good posts to understand the issues here.

we should also note that there is UD on the DSM to consider, as well.
h/t Cal Pol Issues with more.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Phoned-In Chancellor At UCR, The Governor Has Problems With The Compensation

approved-- UCR: Kim Wilcox confirmed

here is the regents 'notice of meeting'- posted who knows when

of course this meant that the compensation committee had to get busy doing a few things too...

Governor Brown makes comment on compensation at the 13:38 mark in the link above. He considers the growth of inequality a very serious problem and says he will do what he can to slow it down and change it. He wants to register his objection, nothing personal against the candidate. He also talks about pension, sabbatical etc. in the compensation package.

Sounds like Regent Blum feels compelled to comment immediately after Governor Brown and then it sounds like Regent Kieffer also tries to do rebuttal to Governor Brown as well.

update: LA Times notes Pattiz and Newsom also voted NO on the compensation package.

The regents also fell into fits of uncontrolled laughter when Governor Brown accidentally voted no on attendance roll. The Governor wanted to ensure a vote of no was recorded on the separate compensation vote and he made an error on when to say "no", the regents could not contain their glee at the error, which was odd.

The Regents should vote on Chancellors in regularly scheduled UC Regents meetings to avoid confusion and to also ensure all the opportunity to participate in public comment.

Slapping a banner on a wall, mics, and some bunting on the tables with the clicking of UC photographers as the majority of UC Regents phone in -- does not cut it.

Wilcox talks about his plans for UCR's future here.
State Senator Steinberg and Coursera Legislation?!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"they expected the room to be able to accommodate the 1,000 students taking their exams."

don't wanna be 'Haascentric', 'Haasobsessed'-- but the appellation is slapped on so many things- see:
Details Emerge About Cheating Incident In Computer Science Course and the WILD!! Reddit post and comments with more detail is here.
Should the headline be?:
Acad. Events Held In A Manner To Justify The Expense Of Ongoing Haas Pavilion Construction, Upkeep- While Other Areas Fall Apart
Loved Harmon, but asking.
P.S. Couldn't everyone just take all of their finals at Memorial Stadium-- and then the admin. charge the students for mandatory drinks and meals at the concession to make up for season ticket sales slumps?

Cultivating Pro Prop 30 Regrets in CA

or, should it be "fomenting"? anyway, that is what UC is doing, these commentaries capture public opinion:

Sacramento Bee Editorial: UC Can't Gripe About Cuts While Padding Pay

when the Bee asks:
If that is the case, would UC have been OK with Olian if she had spent $20 million in expenses? Where would she cross the line? And if Olian had not taken an $842 limousine ride to and from Los Angeles and San Diego to take part in a donor's birthday celebration, would the university have raised less money than if she had found transportation (perhaps a plane, train or automobile) more befitting to a public employee?

And if Linda Rosenstock, the former dean of the UCLA School of Public Health, had not stayed in a room that cost $724.75 per night during a conference in Key Largo, Fla., would she have been any less effective a representative at the event?

See this Daily Cal article: did UC learn anything from the CA State Auditor when this happened?! apparently not.
Davis Vanguard: UC Just Can't Help Itself
As the Bee notes, did the voters support Proposition 30 last November so that Luanne Lawrence could get $260,000 to sell to the public what the university is buying? Or did they do it so that students would not have to cripple themselves for life with unsustainable student loan debts? So that faculty would not be furloughed and so that the university system could continue to be the best public university system in the world?
A split screen UC nightmare to match a split screen American nightmare?
Some at the Daily Nexus not thrilled with Napolitano

Monday, August 5, 2013

$8 Billion, What Do They Know? and roundup

see Fortune:
The University of California's $8 billion question mark
"To me, the issue here is simple: The University of California is a public institution that reported $8.4 billion of commitments to alternative investment funds through Sept. 30, 2012 (more than $6 billion of which had already been called). Either it is violating its legal obligations by not publishing timely performance data on those investments, or it is violating its fiduciary duties by not knowing how those specific funds are faring.
The former is the far lesser of those two evils, but UC unfortunately insists it's the latter. Glad I'm not an alumni. Or a California taxpayer."
(UCOP communications people hung up on the reporter-- UC and communications...)
it is: reminiscent of similar issues raised in the UC Regents vs Reuters coverage earlier this year.
Robert B. Gunnison former Director of School Affairs for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism has an interesting post that he penned especially for CalBuzz.
Ex Officio UC Regent Governor Brown has returned from his trip with his wife Anne and his sister Kathleen (assume Sutter did not travel)--in time to intercede on the BART negotiations- this article touches on rail, investment banking and more.
Davis Vanguard talks Monsanto- the comments section talks UC Davis and Monsanto...
Many (esp. those obsessed with the DC cocktail and luncheons circuit) playing what would Katharine think? - but imo her biggest lesson, greatest example was how she dealt with certain challenges her family faced, she discussed them at length in her autobiography. Do wonder though, what would Katharine think: of this...

Green and Chem at Cal

"University Inc.-After years of distrust, academia and industry are forming alliances for chemical research" By Rick Mullin

Dow’s commitment to UC Berkeley came despite earlier resistance on campus to its involvement with the school in a nonresearch capacity. In 2007, the firm launched a five-year program in which a Dow executive, Tony Kingsbury, worked on-site with the university to develop a course on sustainable chemical products.
The program met with considerable pushback from Michael P. Wilson, director of the Labor Occupational Health Program at Berkeley’s School of Public Health, who contends that one of Dow’s incentives in setting up on campus was to become involved in the university’s policy proposals to the state legislature regarding green chemistry.
According to Wilson, Dow initially offered $10 million as a gift to the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, where he is associate director of integrative sciences. The offer came with a request that the center be named for the company and that a Dow executive be placed on its staff, but it was rebuffed, Wilson says.
The company instead gave the money to Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, which helped create the green chemistry center. Kingsbury maintained an office at the school for the duration of the five-year partnership, which recently ended without being renewed.
Although Dow has been credited for financing the green chemistry center at a time when state funding of research was being cut back, Wilson says the California Environmental Protection Agency provided “foundational funding” for the center.
“Over five years, we tangled with Tony and struggled with his influence on campus, which was manifold,” Wilson says. He objected to a Dow executive teaching seminars and claims that Kingsbury was asked to stop identifying himself as a Berkeley affiliate in his communication with state agencies.
Kingsbury, who now works as a consultant, dismisses Wilson’s concerns, telling C&EN that professionals with undergraduate degrees routinely teach seminars in business schools. He denies that he misrepresented himself.

Green is the color Haas will take, as usual.

What does $260,000 buy you at Davis?

UC Davis Pays Top Dollar For Communications Chief
Lawrence says her job includes persuading potential students and donors that the university can compete despite decreasing state funding for higher education.

Then, consider: Executive Compensation at UC and the Misplaced Corporate Mentality

(keep in mind Berkeley is paying the high $300s to some of their communications staff)
UC Riverside's New School of Medicine Opens
Only 83 of 2,400 applicants were accepted, and 50 chose to attend UC Riverside.
and UC Riverside is also dealing with this disturbing story.
Nature on UC's Open Access Publishing
and some other views on it-"Let’s not get too excited about the new UC open access policy" by Michael Eisen, Associate Professor MCB

Saturday, August 3, 2013

At UC: 'Nasty Grade' Travel and Entertainment

See: UCLA Officials Bend Travel Rules With First-Class Flights, Luxury Hotels By The Center for Investigative Reporting, Includes a $2 Million Dollar Infographic
Officials have taken flights costing more than $10,000, taken chauffeured town cars to the airport and spent nights at a Four Seasons hotel at university expense.

The UCLA officials added luxury and comfort to their travels while the UC system underwent one of the worst funding crises in its history. Undergraduates have seen tuition and fees increase nearly 70 percent since the 2008 school year.

For Olian, 61, the costs add up quickly because she has a doctor’s note that allows her to fly business or first class on her frequent trips to the East Coast and abroad.

At the same time, she competes in athletic events. In April 2011, she conquered the Wildflower Triathlon’s considerably difficult cycling leg in about four and a half hours. The course includes a dreaded five-mile hill that climbs 1,000 feet, earning it the nickname “Nasty Grade.”

Should it be a surprise? Coming from the realm of the kingdom where this happens...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Yudof: "I'm the president but I rarely feel in charge"

Previously he has said he is "driven to distraction" on these issues
and he also talks about "creative alienation","effort at delegitimization"

See:Cal Pol Issues has the story.

here is: a link to the Yudof speech on youtube

SB 520 Roundabout, UC Regents Update their pages

"waiting in the wings": California State University unveils 'radical' new plan for online courses

Notably missing from the colleges' fall enrollment planning is a controversial online education bill introduced this spring that drew fierce faculty opposition. Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, proposed a much more sweeping change than CSU is pursuing to help students who couldn't get into overcrowded classes. SB 520 would have created a single pool of online classes acceptable for credit at any community college or public university in California -- including some created by unaccredited online education providers.

Announced with fanfare this spring, Steinberg's legislation has been put on hold until next year.

"This bill has prompted a real debate, and now we have the segments coming out with their plans," said Rhys Williams, a spokesman for Steinberg.

Inside Higher Ed: The bill's current fate was first reported Wednesday by The Oakland Tribune. Williams said the bill, SB 520, is, “Alive, well, and waiting in the wings.”

The UC Academic Senate still has the August 6th meeting on SB 520 in Sacramento listed here.update: looks like they removed that link, UCOP had this as well. it looks like it has been pulled here.
tool around the web pages for UC Regents, the fiat-flush-logo people have been moving things around and "updating" and adding in airbrushed/photoshopped, updated, or inserting very old photos of the UC Regents - some of the photos look nothing like what these folks look like in real life. In checking out the minutes section - we could not find roll call lists for votes on items- with tally etc. but will keep looking. But click on 'Mark Yudof' here to get a sense of how the UC Regents and UCOP interact with each other.
if it were a corporation, it would be
--but it is a corporation
Napolitano "we are in the business of education"