Monday, August 5, 2013

$8 Billion, What Do They Know? and roundup

see Fortune:
The University of California's $8 billion question mark
"To me, the issue here is simple: The University of California is a public institution that reported $8.4 billion of commitments to alternative investment funds through Sept. 30, 2012 (more than $6 billion of which had already been called). Either it is violating its legal obligations by not publishing timely performance data on those investments, or it is violating its fiduciary duties by not knowing how those specific funds are faring.
The former is the far lesser of those two evils, but UC unfortunately insists it's the latter. Glad I'm not an alumni. Or a California taxpayer."
(UCOP communications people hung up on the reporter-- UC and communications...)
it is: reminiscent of similar issues raised in the UC Regents vs Reuters coverage earlier this year.
Robert B. Gunnison former Director of School Affairs for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism has an interesting post that he penned especially for CalBuzz.
Ex Officio UC Regent Governor Brown has returned from his trip with his wife Anne and his sister Kathleen (assume Sutter did not travel)--in time to intercede on the BART negotiations- this article touches on rail, investment banking and more.
Davis Vanguard talks Monsanto- the comments section talks UC Davis and Monsanto...
Many (esp. those obsessed with the DC cocktail and luncheons circuit) playing what would Katharine think? - but imo her biggest lesson, greatest example was how she dealt with certain challenges her family faced, she discussed them at length in her autobiography. Do wonder though, what would Katharine think: of this...

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