Sunday, August 18, 2013

A 'Kensington System' At UC Berkeley?

A sort of:'Kensington System' on Academic Freedom at UC Berkeley?-- in Cal Mag titled "Hopping Mad Frog Researcher Who Galls Industry Loses UC Lab Funds"

“Dr. Hayes had trouble attracting enough funding,” says Dan Mogulof, executive director of strategic communications for the university. “In the meantime, he has thousands of specimens in his lab that he has been charged for. And he just hasn’t paid his bills. That’s it.” In a follow-up email about Novartis/Syngenta, he adds, “I can state categorically that there is no institutional relationship between the company and UC Berkeley.” As for individual grants, he says the Office of the Vice Chancellor does not keep track of such financial arrangements and therefore has no knowledge of any conflicting interest. “Bottom line: The very same people who are alleged to be protecting a relationship with Novartis aren’t aware of any relationships individual faculty may have with the company.”

In other words, you can’t have a conflict of interest if you don’t know your own interest.

Hayes himself isn’t so sure about that. While he agrees that he did indeed run out of funding, he contends that’s because the university has been consistently overcharging him. (Mogulof denies this).

(Kensington System-the term refers to Queen Victoria's early years there and a system that was used to keep her in check.)
This mentions the $13,000 per month rental in the Oakland hills, doesn't mention the $12,000 per month rental in Lafayette and doesn't touch on other parts of the saga - but good overview
on: the latest at Blake House--which is in.... Kensington.
There's this interview to listen to on Schwarzenegger and his referendums history as it relates to UCOP, funding plans for UC (does Regent Reiss remember it this way too?),former UC Regent Chair Parsky comes up too, more. -worth listening to also b/c UC has majority Schwarzenegger appointed UC Regents now. h/t @cnewf
and a major UC vendor on Apple, musings on Walter Isaacson bias(?) in his biography on Jobs,the cloud, aging research, and ..just 'oh my' on all sorts of other things including 72 vs 45 footers...
Remember "The America?" or "Courageous"? Nothing looks like that anymore, a shame.

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