Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cultivating Pro Prop 30 Regrets in CA

or, should it be "fomenting"? anyway, that is what UC is doing, these commentaries capture public opinion:

Sacramento Bee Editorial: UC Can't Gripe About Cuts While Padding Pay

when the Bee asks:
If that is the case, would UC have been OK with Olian if she had spent $20 million in expenses? Where would she cross the line? And if Olian had not taken an $842 limousine ride to and from Los Angeles and San Diego to take part in a donor's birthday celebration, would the university have raised less money than if she had found transportation (perhaps a plane, train or automobile) more befitting to a public employee?

And if Linda Rosenstock, the former dean of the UCLA School of Public Health, had not stayed in a room that cost $724.75 per night during a conference in Key Largo, Fla., would she have been any less effective a representative at the event?

See this Daily Cal article: did UC learn anything from the CA State Auditor when this happened?! apparently not.
Davis Vanguard: UC Just Can't Help Itself
As the Bee notes, did the voters support Proposition 30 last November so that Luanne Lawrence could get $260,000 to sell to the public what the university is buying? Or did they do it so that students would not have to cripple themselves for life with unsustainable student loan debts? So that faculty would not be furloughed and so that the university system could continue to be the best public university system in the world?
A split screen UC nightmare to match a split screen American nightmare?
Some at the Daily Nexus not thrilled with Napolitano

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  1. The folks at the top get all these perks while staff at the bottom of the food chain are often expected to purchase food for events out of our own pocket and wait for reimbursements (processed by other overworked staff who don't have the time to process it promptly) because we can't purchase food on the university credit card system. It all depends upon how high up you are, that's for sure.