Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dirks: "I have to say- from the perspective of the East Coast and the Ivy League- I wasn't sure if this was a good move for anyone really"

Chancellor Dirks in the youtube clip here
The Core Problem With Obama Ed 2: Neglecting Student Learning
the newly appointed UC Pres Napolitano Farewell Speech to DHS delivered at the National Press Club
that story where UC legal said "the DA cannot win"

-- LA Times has this story on latest developments.:
And because Harran had the authority to "hire and fire" his lab personnel, Lomeli flatly rejected the argument that the professor was not bound by the labor code.

"The court concludes that he's an employer, period," the judge said.

Lomeli also rejected the defense allegation that the charges, filed in December 2011, did not fall within the statute of limitations. And he denied its request for a hearing to challenge the credibility of a Cal-OSHA investigator who wrote a 95-page report on which the charges were based

and, cal pol issues has more.

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