Saturday, August 31, 2013

No UC President during September 2013? What does Sandberg think of Yellen?; More on Newco

On Napolitano - a Sept 30th start date and Yudof is already out the door? If UC system can manage a month without a UC President, then...
a CA Assemblymember Hannah Beth Jackson comments at the 3:31 mark here where she told some Cal women (words to the effect) that the equal rights was fought thirty years ago so she really could not believe what was happening with Title IX in higher ed in CA...and then she mentioned that she just had:

this CA Leg experience of listening to Sheryl Sandberg
can't seem to shake those comments while considering the Summers-Yellen race in light of these posts:

Sheryl Sandberg leans in for Larry Summers

Sheryl Sandberg, the Official Feminist of Larry Summers' Boys Club

Larry Summers True Record on Women by Sandberg from Nov 2008

so...uninspiring. but: not the only one feeling that way.
DailyCal on Janet Yellen
this Chron Higher Ed Basken piece on Newco

another really good: one- in detail on UC -by G. Barnett

and a review of Bob Samuels new book at Inside Higher Ed

h/t @cnewf -other really good links there on Udacity latest stats from summer session, and other items.

this piece from The Nation On the Death of Democratic Higher Education (has dropped off the Meranze picks listed on the homepage here, check out the other new links!).

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