Friday, August 2, 2013

SB 520 Roundabout, UC Regents Update their pages

"waiting in the wings": California State University unveils 'radical' new plan for online courses

Notably missing from the colleges' fall enrollment planning is a controversial online education bill introduced this spring that drew fierce faculty opposition. Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, proposed a much more sweeping change than CSU is pursuing to help students who couldn't get into overcrowded classes. SB 520 would have created a single pool of online classes acceptable for credit at any community college or public university in California -- including some created by unaccredited online education providers.

Announced with fanfare this spring, Steinberg's legislation has been put on hold until next year.

"This bill has prompted a real debate, and now we have the segments coming out with their plans," said Rhys Williams, a spokesman for Steinberg.

Inside Higher Ed: The bill's current fate was first reported Wednesday by The Oakland Tribune. Williams said the bill, SB 520, is, “Alive, well, and waiting in the wings.”

The UC Academic Senate still has the August 6th meeting on SB 520 in Sacramento listed here.update: looks like they removed that link, UCOP had this as well. it looks like it has been pulled here.
tool around the web pages for UC Regents, the fiat-flush-logo people have been moving things around and "updating" and adding in airbrushed/photoshopped, updated, or inserting very old photos of the UC Regents - some of the photos look nothing like what these folks look like in real life. In checking out the minutes section - we could not find roll call lists for votes on items- with tally etc. but will keep looking. But click on 'Mark Yudof' here to get a sense of how the UC Regents and UCOP interact with each other.
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Napolitano "we are in the business of education"

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