Monday, August 12, 2013

That story brought up at the UC Regents meeting about UCSD

about the patient wandering off into the woods, a canyon and dying, here is the detail:
Family, Cops Search for Missing Hospital Patient believed to be in a hospital gown and neck brace, possibly using a walker

Body of missing hospital patient found- Patient wandered out of UCSD Medical Center

Body Of Missing Chula Vista Man Found In Canyon

Remembered that UC medical workers brought that up in their concerns for staffing. They made those comments during public comment but were cut off due to public comment time restrictions. Daily Cal is covering the data on overtime and medical employees: High Overtime Among UC Medical Care Workers May Indicate Understaffing
Daily Cal on the recent open access policy - not so open - it might create more problems rather than solutions: Open Contradictions

"upon further inspection, significant excitement over the UC policy is unfounded. As it stands, the policy is contradictory because of a loophole allowing faculty members to submit waivers on a per-article basis to opt out of open publication.

The university cannot call its policy an open access one when it allows some research articles to be exempt to open access over others. The waiver essentially disincentivizes those who work for a public institution from sharing all their research and allows them to pick and choose where their research goes, thereby creating a divide between those who can afford access to a private academic journal and those who cannot."

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