Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Phoned-In Chancellor At UCR, The Governor Has Problems With The Compensation

approved-- UCR: Kim Wilcox confirmed

here is the regents 'notice of meeting'- posted who knows when

of course this meant that the compensation committee had to get busy doing a few things too...

Governor Brown makes comment on compensation at the 13:38 mark in the link above. He considers the growth of inequality a very serious problem and says he will do what he can to slow it down and change it. He wants to register his objection, nothing personal against the candidate. He also talks about pension, sabbatical etc. in the compensation package.

Sounds like Regent Blum feels compelled to comment immediately after Governor Brown and then it sounds like Regent Kieffer also tries to do rebuttal to Governor Brown as well.

update: LA Times notes Pattiz and Newsom also voted NO on the compensation package.

The regents also fell into fits of uncontrolled laughter when Governor Brown accidentally voted no on attendance roll. The Governor wanted to ensure a vote of no was recorded on the separate compensation vote and he made an error on when to say "no", the regents could not contain their glee at the error, which was odd.

The Regents should vote on Chancellors in regularly scheduled UC Regents meetings to avoid confusion and to also ensure all the opportunity to participate in public comment.

Slapping a banner on a wall, mics, and some bunting on the tables with the clicking of UC photographers as the majority of UC Regents phone in -- does not cut it.

Wilcox talks about his plans for UCR's future here.
State Senator Steinberg and Coursera Legislation?!

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