Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"they expected the room to be able to accommodate the 1,000 students taking their exams."

don't wanna be 'Haascentric', 'Haasobsessed'-- but the appellation is slapped on so many things- see:
Details Emerge About Cheating Incident In Computer Science Course and the WILD!! Reddit post and comments with more detail is here.
Should the headline be?:
Acad. Events Held In A Manner To Justify The Expense Of Ongoing Haas Pavilion Construction, Upkeep- While Other Areas Fall Apart
Loved Harmon, but asking.
P.S. Couldn't everyone just take all of their finals at Memorial Stadium-- and then the admin. charge the students for mandatory drinks and meals at the concession to make up for season ticket sales slumps?

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