Friday, August 9, 2013

UC Intern and Timesheets at UC

The latest story is about an intern at UCSF who claims she was told to only put 17 hours down when working a 40+ hour per week schedule among other things...

ah, the irony-- the last name, the field of expertise:
"Workman said unpaid internships are common in psychology, a field with an enormous surplus of graduates. She said the disparity creates an uneven playing field in which university psychology departments take advantage, using their internship programs as a means of getting free or cheap labor. Much like in the private sector, she believes the internship debate is a socioeconomic issue, where only people with additional financial resources are able to move forward."

One key issue unaddressed, questions left unanswered concern: the level of care the patients received when one considers the other factors in the situation. A therapist is obviously placed under stress if this is the true arrangement-- so, then, how does that affect the UC staff, students and faculty receiving therapy?

Also, it is reminiscent of the latest Boalt Hall case where there are allegations made about graduate students and time sheets and more.

See:Minding The Workplace has been covering the internship exploitation revolt for a long while - several good posts to understand the issues here.

we should also note that there is UD on the DSM to consider, as well.
h/t Cal Pol Issues with more.

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