Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yudof on Baumol, Meritocracy and Salaries, more.

Yudof on FB his: Review: William J. Baumol, The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't (2012)
and Yudof's comment on Wilcox compensation (removed from the original LA Times article for some reason update: looks like they put the quote back in the article- so, here:) "In my world, elementary school teachers should be paid more than baseball players. But we live in a world of markets" - sounds more like some avg joe who just read the Sunday newspaper's Parade magazine "what do they make?" issue. It did not sound like a comment from the president of 'the world's greatest public university system'- where athletics and faculty do exist. Shouldn't the example of implementation of what 'should be' start at UC?

Guess it is all "Pollyannaish"...
Remaking the University on: Higher Education and Racial Inequality

UCOP touts this effort with HBCUs on graduate studies - but what is happening at the undergrad level?

Hope various groups make the latest reports/data part of the topic of conversations around the March on Washington Anniversary and initiatives going forward.
can't help it. early b-day gift.

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