Monday, September 30, 2013

Yudof, Napolitano...Chump Change?

words around the Napolitano arrival: 'international and parochial UC presidency', 'fait accompli', 'sought', 'listen and learn',etc. see:
Janet Napolitano to officially take over as UC president

Evan Westrup, the governor's spokesman, said Brown was involved in Napolitano's selection and plans to meet with her soon.

Former Pentagon spokesman Doug Wilson, a longtime friend of Napolitano's, said she did not pursue the UC presidency on her own, but "was sought out for the job" during the university's search process.
Students oppose Janet Napolitano as UC president
- but at least two no confidence votes were dodged, for now...
on his way out: President Yudof commits $100K to boost UC Humanities

Daily Cal takes on the first of many legacy pieces

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sh-- For Brains?

in case you missed it - this correction brings it all up again, reasons for the stepping down etc:
SJ Merc on UC Davis Correction: Cancer Treatment Probe story
"Investigators I appointed heard from some witnesses that there is perception that compliance with university policies and external regulatory requirements is not a universally held value," said Ralph J. Hexter, the school's provost and executive vice chancellor.

and the Sac Bee has this:
UC Davis Surgeons Resign After Bacteria-In-Brain Dispute

"I lost confidence, if you will, in the ability of the university administration to fairly handle it," Schrot told the newspaper.

"The lack of follow-through by the Office of Academic Personnel seems to represent a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the research misconduct and misrepresentation of the research activities …" the provost's panel wrote.

Pomeroy, former dean of the School of Medicine, was criticized for recommending Muizelaar's appointment to a prestigious endowed chair in the midst of the scandal. The panel deemed her actions "inappropriate."

Pomeroy told university investigators she knew little about Muizelaar's cases, as they had constituted "just a mention" from him at the time. She defended his endowed chair by saying it had been established as being automatically given to the department's chair, a role Muizelaar was then filling, according to the provost panel's report.

The Bee's review of internal documents shows the university has flip-flopped in its position
whatever: happened with this one?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inequality for all - everyday, and especially this Friday

see Robert Reich's movie trailer - it opens this FRIday. he will do a live chat on THURSday. and more: info, locations here.
what if some of the money for this did instead go to services talked about here.

rather than: doin' surveys

can surveys fix what goes unreported?

especially when the staff are encouraged to turn off their critical analysis skills when they look at so many other areas of how the university is run?

anyway--is it the duty of all staff? what about privacy concerns?

anybody remember the Cal survey research center, btw?
back to inequality:
this in the land of UCOP, the Gov, the former HS Sec

Was it supposed to turn out that way? Secrets and Shadows.

backlash on the secrets:
in some quarters the pick on Napolitano is still not going over well
LAT also briefly mention a kinda black out on interview requests with her.

Recall at last week's UC Regent meeting during public comment the student leadership begged for a response to their requests to schedule a meeting with Napolitano.

anyway, in that LAT article:

Similarly, after Napolitano's selection, UCLA's Daily Bruin student newspaper called on UC regents to explain "how they picked an individual with no experience in California politics and no familiarity with its public universities."

The differences among states is personified in Kim Wilcox, who was hired last month as UC Riverside chancellor in a process that did not reveal competitors. Over the last two years, he had been publicly identified as a finalist, and later lost bids, to head public universities in Wisconsin, Wyoming and Hawaii. Wilcox declined to comment.

Added to it this: more on Blake House - and Napolitano.
The Memorial Stadium Seat Sales Take Dip
There are Occidental updates on the Title IX issues at LAT- recent activism on this issue also linked to UC Berkeley.
Will there be backlash on the shadows? Some staff might recall being told -- "you don't need a shadow accounting"-over and over. So many hours and hours spent on it. Will this program or that position survive the numbers, or not?--painful. Wasn't BFS, BAIRS supposed to be the system (w/ the numbers) all budgets were to be developed around? Didn't a bunch of people start listing at the top of their resumes a bullet point accomplishment that they fixed the 'how do we formulate, implement UCB budget?' -and didn't the special few start enjoying all sorts of career advancement and higher salaries as a result?

The flagship as the shining example for the entire system...

Still trippin' off: "we couldn’t even figure out where any of the money was,”

Does the fix come every five years as one senior admin comes in and another leaves? Does it just get labeled 'well, its an iterative process' each time? 'This admin gets to claim they fixed it this round, then that admin takes the laurels next'- now, throw more money at the problem- shampoo, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. Condition the lower ranks for it.

High paying salaries, titles and careers have been advanced at UC based around some folks claiming they fixed these things- only to find those things maybe weren't really fixed when the new person comes on board and says different...

Berdahl's folks signed off on purchasing major systems/fixes in 2000 (before he departed) and Gore comes in in 2009 to discover...

Was it a decade lost? What gives?
Billionaire Venture Capitalist Michael Moritz Gives $30 Million For UC San Francisco Basic Science PhDs
Forbes ‎- The donation from Moritz and his wife, Harriet Heyman, funds the largest endowed program for PhD students in the history of...

Sequoia Capital is mentioned
-- you might: recall the Reuters vs UC stories.
and UC, Moody's and state here.
Does any of it even matter?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yudof Apparently Still On The Job... And Still Preparing To Leave

listen to the audio clips provided in this article- it includes comments from former academic senate chair Powell and State Senator Leland Yee and multiple student comments: Yudof Prepares to Leave UC Presidency

and also listen to the longer audio clip of Yudof interview here: Outgoing UC President Looks Back on His Tenure his mistakes, his legacy, his accomplishments - Davis pepper spray and he also says "It’s always dangerous to speak for Berkeley." and on UC Riverside: "There were a lot of provocations, but at the end of the day, the university administration is supposed to be the adult in the room. So, I’m not saying they weren’t provoked. I mean, I was locked in a building for hours at Riverside with a riotous crowd outside, so I don’t see everyone else as innocent." -Transcript provided in article.

Yudof also talks about false brand narratives and the rascals in charge and prop 30.
See: it pales beside the memory of her arrival at Berkeley in 2009, and her subsequent shock at the state of the budget for which she was now, as chief financial officer, chiefly responsible.

What she’d inherited, she found, was “the lack of a budget.”

“My first year, we couldn’t even figure out where any of the money was,” she says, her laugh bouncing off the walls of her sixth-floor office in University Hall. “I was like, ‘What do you mean you don’t know where the money is?’ It was crazy.”

Nathan Brostrom, was VC Admin at Berkeley prior to Wilton - recall Brostrom said at this week's regents meeting something about everyone thinking they were crazy for buying buildings when he was at UC Berkeley- how can decisions like that be made if Gore's description above is correct? Very confusing, what was going on before 2009?
‘Is that the kind of person you’d do the river with?’
WaPo Blog: A farewell party for Janet Napolitano was notable for the VIP guest list,
do The River w/ The Boss

Thursday, September 19, 2013

UC Regents Meet at LLNL Sept 19

Details on how to attend or view and listen to the meeting available here along with agenda items

Thursday, September 19

9:30 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session - includes public comment) (pdf) to apply to participate in the tour, please read page 2 of the Notice

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gov. Brown At UC Regents Compensation Committee Meeting- one zinger after another

notes not quotes, scribbles:
Governor is dubious of the value of incentives programs and makes many, many comments directed to Brostrom and Duckett and other UC Regents about his take on such programs (almost no audience present- did the place get cleaned out during public comment?).

Governor asks if AFSCME workers get to participate in incentives programs, Duckett says yes
then Duckett uses the janitor and avoiding cross contamination example etc.

Brown says he does not see giving one person a 20% incentive for the whole enterprise meeting standards as a good thing...
will post to news stories with exact quotes on this later, as they become available.

also: RT @katymurphy: At #UCRegents meeting, @JerryBrownGov says he finds incentive pay, especially in medicine, "distasteful."

there was an exchange b/ween the staff advisor to the regents and brostrom regarding potential creation of staff remuneration reports-- brostrom shot down the idea of a deep analysis akin to the 7 month study currently underway on faculty pay-- that is an important section of the meeting.
during ed committee Kieffer again said he wants to talk about shared governance and how it allocates (?) etc. b/ween chancellors, faculty etc. and to schedule a time.
unfortunately, nauseating presentation during the fundraising segment. hurl. sounded like mostly a forum for private biz to do commercials. the corp types front and center. there were some other positive gestures though.

also, these headlines come out at the same time:

Cash-strapped University of California may spend millions on president's residence

UC panel OKs initial work to presidential mansion

"The recession is over, and University of California officials need a place to party."
also: RT @KristinOlsenCA: Insanely Out of Touch: UC leases housing at $9,950 a month for president Napolitano
UCLA Fac Blog notes audio - and hot mic during closed uc regents session and other items
also you can listen to yesterdays UC Regent meeting audio here

tomorrow's meeting at LLNL -will be? or will not be? audio or video streamed and archived - who knows - it isn't like this is a public meeting or somethin'

also the granicus link is not available now.
but if you want to catch this bs in action you can do so, links here. (links are not permanent archives).
Gov. Brown and his ex GF - on the best of terms...

the Governor is back at UC Regents talking again about "desires are endless" (remember "i vow to cut them down") anyway, he continues on desires, needs, rights and the messy democratic process - pensions, tuition, more. once again will link to coverage on this later when, where available.

UC Regents Meeting Sept 18

See agenda items and how to view or listen to the meeting info here
Wednesday, September 18

8:30 am Committee on Finance (Regents only session)

9:15 am Committee on Compensation (Regents only session)

9:30 am Board (Regents only session)

9:35 am Committee on Compensation (closed session)

9:50 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session)

10:30 am Committee on Educational Policy (open session)

11:50 am Committee on Compensation (open session)

12:15 Lunch

1:15 pm Committee on Finance (open session)

3:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session)

3:20 pm Committee on Governance (open session)

3:45 pm Board (open session)

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's a drop

less $. sign of a change?
will she be able to entertain potential donors properly? that was always the reasoning.
LA Times on Napolitano's new digs. She chose Oakland, like the Governor.

Likely Davis or LA, right?

UC Berkeley is already on the list and one additional UC that the state auditor is going to look at regarding Title IX--so, another UC still TBD... Thinking about headlines ...maybe Davis?? (b/c the items in this UD post) or UCLA?? (mostly b/c size and a SoCal location) would be the other UC added to the list?- wonder when the JLAC, State Auditor will let the public know the second UC added?

Some coverage when it was announced in late August:

State to audit sexual assault policies at UC Berkeley
The policies of three other California colleges, yet to be chosen, will also be audited. Students at Berkeley filed a complaint, saying they had been sexually assaulted but their cases were inadequately investigated.

Legislature To Investigate Sexual Assault Complaints At UC Berkeley, Other Campuses

Daily Bruin : UC should undergo Title IX audit to examine handling of sexual assault cases

Daily Cal: State Legislature to assess campus policies on sexual assault
see also: this story on USC.
Robert Reich on a birthday for Occupy
Daily Cal on Yellen, Summers latest

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A 'Wait and See' Thing.

That Reuters UC Investments and Public Records thing goes on, Forbes Magazine: "Kinda makes you wonder why the University of California and Sequoia aren’t eager to tell the public just how much dough they’ve gouged from the nation’s poor."
On that WaPo piece: Messing with the Wonkblog College Story
Dirks talks to Daily Cal - it is going to take a wait and see approach to find out who Dirks is as chancellor.
Fox News and the Washington Times can't get enough of UC and Napolitano.

The mood of the day...

Didn't expect it this time for some reason.

News this morning that Prof. Andrew Goodwin died -reading about him, his research, cup of tea in some ways. So, pulling this collection of links together about RP and LZ in his honor and in honor of friends from xoxo93xoxo remembered today... and, as a belated Labor Day honor, too.
They touch on meaningful work, overcoming obstacles, the creative process etc.

Work and RP discussed in Forbes a short while back.

There's also: "the gig is to do what you do well and then it's never -- it's never gonna be a 'job'" comments.

Gems like: "being a contributor was way more important than being a hero" and "I was crafted by frustration."-- "keeping things big and broad" --"detaching"
and reminiscing on: a grammar school boy facing austerity --if only today's austerity could...

You've got to be inspired.

[Pieces out there about RP and women's studies etc.- how some of the same stuff directed at women has also been thrown his way -e.g. blogs on 'what happened to his face', 'what happened to his chest' etc. and on and on- as though he is supposed to remain... unchanged. He takes it in stride, jokes about it- usually.

Others have covered this before- and, overall, yes, it could be discounted by some as just merely -what's that phrase?-'the same epiphanic moments'. Lots of different ways to go... remember receiving a poster of 'The Darkness' - the person who gave it to me was kind of confused and didn't quite 'get it' -kinda like the Carla Bruni-lite knock off who conducted this interview here at the 4:58 mark --but, go back, there is a treasure at the 3:48 mark..

Big difference between RP, LZ -and that 'knock off' just-for-fun-almost-tribute-band crap. Some people get it, some people don't.]

Here, in this space- sometimes interject RP into things to lighten the mood
Other times --as a reminder of creative forces overcoming profound loss.
The morning news on Goodwin - a reminder...
A while back, began adding RP in on posts from time to time
it was for someone who suffered a loss
Didn't want that friend to fall apart, grief can consume
and it seemed like times were getting really bad - for everyone around
Small gesture to send RP out as a... talisman, compass
Not as- never as- a doppelganger

Then, there's Oakland 1977...
That space between Aberystwyth and M-------
Very much like that space between Lincoln City and Eureka
Just like he said

For another time.

I think this is the most I want to say right now about RP, and this and that...

There's so much glory in the story untold
coverage of this UC Memorial today
and this new memorial fund that benefits students.

Monday, September 9, 2013

UC Regents Meeting September 17-19, 2013

schedule and agenda : view here, click on links -- keep checking back for added items changes up to the day of the meetings.
DREAMers petition demand for sanctuaries at UC under Napolitano
UCSA decides against no confidence vote on Napolitano

Daily Cal covers the UC Regent vacancies
-- the student regents don't seem to see a problem w/ a mostly Schwarzenegger appointed UC Regent board...

LA Times story on the UC Regent vacancies from a couple days ago
some things to note from the UC Regents agenda: September 19th the UC Regents meet at Lawrence Livermore Lab

and increase in pay for a Sr VP at UCOP for health in compensation

Finance has revised budget section and Educational Policy Committee deals with social fundraising and UCSC

and discussion of Oakland Children's Hospital and taking over a med facility in Irvine

and on and on- so click around, link provided at the top of this post.

Yudof is still listed as a committee member on some of the agenda items- is he at this meeting or Napolitano? Or, is there no UC Pres for this meeting?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hope it isn't true...

on this- because UC has plenty of this ilk already and it isn't helpful to -- anyone, or anything- and helpful least of all to UC:

an opinion piece from Ruben Navarrette: Meet Janet Napolitano, the spin machine
"She is a lawyer with only one client -- herself; she has no qualms about bending the truth if it hides something that went wrong; and she will do whatever it takes to accomplish her personal goals and advance her career."
Cal Pol Issues has a post on Nicotine and UC patents
Remaking has: a part II post on MOOCs

Friday, September 6, 2013

Marvelous Night For A..

POGO has a couple of new posts- one esp. specific to one of the labs:

Infographic: The Explosive Costs of CMRR-NF, Los Alamos' Billion Dollar Nuke Facility
while there, also see:
Sen. Grassley Writes White House to Protect Whistleblowers
from the director of Waiting for Superman- this new documentary "Teach"- UCLA makes an appearance and a UCLA program and grad student is profiled.
known it for a long time- now the computers can keep up, see this: Music as Medicine
It all started by accident, when Hart was asked to do a speaking engagement with UCSF neuroscience professor Adam Gazzaley. Gazzaley was studying how to retrain the brain using video game technology. But using that technology to look at the brain was an entirely new idea.

"This concept that rhythm might be therapeutic has been around for a long time; there's just really not studies that have carefully controlled a rhythmic experiment and looked for changes in the brain," Gazzaley said.

Only now are computers powerful enough to show those changes live.

Launch of LADEE

Marvelous Night For A Moondance -or, for a launch to solve a Moon Dust mystery.

Napolitano -'No Confidence' and/or SCOTUS

See: ASUC drafting a no confidence bill
VP Biden says she deserves a seat on SCOTUS - you can view the full event along with the Biden comments here.
and: Incoming UC president Janet Napolitano was interviewed by NPR for "Morning Edition" which aired today. She spoke about her UC appointment and higher ed briefly.

If you haven't read it

the Daily Cal has an editorial on some CS course screw ups: Scare tactics and webcasts
CAMPUS ISSUES: A university with a top-tier computer science department should not scare or underserve interested students.

And it is also curious that as the syllabus mess unfolded with CS 161, another computer science course faced distinct yet related problems.

CS 61A, the lower division course aimed at teaching students the basics of coding and programming, was overenrolled, with nearly 1,100 students in total at one point this semester. Wheeler Auditorium holds fewer than 750 students, but the professor stressed that lectures were webcasted and not mandatory to attend in person.

While this also is a symptom of the problem of underfunded public universities, the self-taught CS 61AS version of the course and the availability of webcasted lectures for the most part compensate for the ridiculousness of the class size. Hardly an ideal fix, but the computer science department and campus administration must make sure these resources are made public and readily available to any student interested in taking the course.

The CS 161 scare tactics and 61A substitutes don’t excuse these initial enrollment failings in the computer science department, perhaps the most scrutinized and visible of all the academic divisions at UC Berkeley.

if you haven't read it- you really should, good stuff:
Academy Fight Song by Thomas Frank
The coming of “academic capitalism” has been anticipated and praised for years; today it is here.
The disaster that the university has proceeded to inflict on the youth of America...Grant to an industry control over access to the good things in life; insist that it transform itself into a throat-cutting, market-minded mercenary; get thought leaders to declare it to be the answer to every problem; mute any reservations the nation might have about it—and, lastly, send it your unsuspecting kids, armed with a blank check drawn on their own futures.
textbook prices have increased 812 percent over the past thirty-five years, outstripping not only inflation (by a mile) but every other commodity—home prices, health care—
The test-prep people, meanwhile, match them step for step, charging students far, far heftier fees to help them beat the standardized tests and endlessly scheming to persuade new demographics—grade schoolers, notably—that they need cram school too.

and also on:

"the test fraud industry"
"enrollment management" industry
developments at Cooper Union, GWU, U. Va
on Ginsberg: It is not until you read Ginsberg’s description of the day-to-day activities of administrators that the light bulb goes on, however. The particular pedagogy that motivates this class of university creatures is . . . management theory. They talk endlessly about “process management” and “excellence.” They set up “culture teams.” They attend retreats where they play team-building games. And whole divisions of them are dedicated to writing “strategic plans” for their universities, which take years to finish and are forgotten immediately upon completion.
he even includes "Who Moved My Cheese" and:

Bill Readings published his depressing prediction, The University in Ruins, back in 1996. The Wall Street Journal ran a shocking page-one story on enrollment management that same year. The proletarianization of the PhD has been a subject of countless exposés since the days of a teaching-assistant strike at Yale in the mid-nineties; I own two books of essays on the subject; no doubt there are a dozen more. Chris Newfield’s account of managerialism and higher ed appeared in 2003, and Jennifer Washburn’s University Inc. in 2005. Stanley Aronowitz predicted the slow demise of the professoriate in 1997, and Frank Donoghue told us exactly how the end was coming in The Last Professors, published in 2008.
and,that 'Newfield 2003 account' does not have an embedded link in Frank's piece- but, if you're wonderin': it is this book
Sac Bee has this story on UC Davis

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is immigration policy debate going to sidetrack other issues at UC?

LA Times has this story on UCLA Student Government Opposes 'Illegal Immigrant' Term

Maybe this is what the UC Regents bought with their appointment of the new UC president.

Then, again, it is policy that has been sidelined in the national conversation - so this could put it back on the map...
Should this/could this be a trend?:syllabi created to scare students away with draconian measures- cuz, maybe we don't have enough bad press goin' around about UC and intimidation tactics, chilling effects...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the UCOP lens, the campus lens

Why do they each have such a different view of things?
How could UCOP come to such different conclusions? How does a 'headquarters' like UCOP correctly direct system-wide initiatives if the conclusions UCOP arrives at are so different from the conclusions the campuses (not to mention the US Dept of Ed) reach on important issues?

...Daily Cal Toward a Calmer Campus
the Department of Education concluded these charges are without merit and warrant no further investigation.

This development marks a welcome departure from the conclusions reached by the UC Office of the President’s controversial Council on on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion. The findings from that July 2012 report contended pro-Israel Jewish students were routinely maligned and singled out by anti-Israel sentiment on UC campuses and urged the university to adopt stricter guidelines on combating perceived incidences of anti-Semitism.
The department’s ruling that the campus does not foster an anti-Semitic environment is positive for a few reasons.

- a certain new law prof at Boalt (Yudof) should address this latest set of developments.
LA Times takes up: the UC Regents vacancies again and wonders about Gov. Brown's reluctance to fill the seats.
This in depth article on the latest involving Sallie Mae programs.

consider it along with this:
“[V]irtually every aspect of the higher-ed dream has been colonized by monopolies, cartels, and other unrestrained predators—[...] the charmingly naive American student is in fact a cash cow, and everyone has got a scheme for slicing off a porterhouse or two

and Thomas McAfee Dies On Africa Vacation -not sure if he presented in July to UC Regents on the Jacobs Med center expansion/development at UCSD, he was headed to USC." The details on what happened are vague right now. UPDATE: Daily Mail says he was trampled to death by an elephant.

Monday, September 2, 2013

'Take Your SHIP' and ...Part II

Now it is: demonstrations, riots and healthcare policy terms, covered in Daily Cal: "Campus Health Plan Accidentally Denies Coverage To Riot Participants"

While the clause is not in effect and is in the process of being removed from print, Mitar Milutinovic, a UC Berkeley graduate student who wrote a blog post about the clause, still has questions about why such language would be included in any insurance policy.
East Bay Express:the new east bay span of Bay Bridge might have some design problems according to some Cal engineers- ex officio and President of the UC Regents Governor Brown was a no show at the opening gala for this project- one he advocated for as Mayor...
(looks like Magneto moved the cantilever section to intersect the new span. Palm trees to be placed later, no one is saying how they are going to avoid having fronds fall into the lanes.)