Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gov. Brown At UC Regents Compensation Committee Meeting- one zinger after another

notes not quotes, scribbles:
Governor is dubious of the value of incentives programs and makes many, many comments directed to Brostrom and Duckett and other UC Regents about his take on such programs (almost no audience present- did the place get cleaned out during public comment?).

Governor asks if AFSCME workers get to participate in incentives programs, Duckett says yes
then Duckett uses the janitor and avoiding cross contamination example etc.

Brown says he does not see giving one person a 20% incentive for the whole enterprise meeting standards as a good thing...
will post to news stories with exact quotes on this later, as they become available.

also: RT @katymurphy: At #UCRegents meeting, @JerryBrownGov says he finds incentive pay, especially in medicine, "distasteful."

there was an exchange b/ween the staff advisor to the regents and brostrom regarding potential creation of staff remuneration reports-- brostrom shot down the idea of a deep analysis akin to the 7 month study currently underway on faculty pay-- that is an important section of the meeting.
during ed committee Kieffer again said he wants to talk about shared governance and how it allocates (?) etc. b/ween chancellors, faculty etc. and to schedule a time.
unfortunately, nauseating presentation during the fundraising segment. hurl. sounded like mostly a forum for private biz to do commercials. the corp types front and center. there were some other positive gestures though.

also, these headlines come out at the same time:

Cash-strapped University of California may spend millions on president's residence

UC panel OKs initial work to presidential mansion

"The recession is over, and University of California officials need a place to party."
also: RT @KristinOlsenCA: Insanely Out of Touch: UC leases housing at $9,950 a month for president Napolitano
UCLA Fac Blog notes audio - and hot mic during closed uc regents session and other items
also you can listen to yesterdays UC Regent meeting audio here

tomorrow's meeting at LLNL -will be? or will not be? audio or video streamed and archived - who knows - it isn't like this is a public meeting or somethin'

also the granicus link is not available now.
but if you want to catch this bs in action you can do so, links here. (links are not permanent archives).
Gov. Brown and his ex GF - on the best of terms...

the Governor is back at UC Regents talking again about "desires are endless" (remember "i vow to cut them down") anyway, he continues on desires, needs, rights and the messy democratic process - pensions, tuition, more. once again will link to coverage on this later when, where available.

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