Friday, September 6, 2013

Marvelous Night For A..

POGO has a couple of new posts- one esp. specific to one of the labs:

Infographic: The Explosive Costs of CMRR-NF, Los Alamos' Billion Dollar Nuke Facility
while there, also see:
Sen. Grassley Writes White House to Protect Whistleblowers
from the director of Waiting for Superman- this new documentary "Teach"- UCLA makes an appearance and a UCLA program and grad student is profiled.
known it for a long time- now the computers can keep up, see this: Music as Medicine
It all started by accident, when Hart was asked to do a speaking engagement with UCSF neuroscience professor Adam Gazzaley. Gazzaley was studying how to retrain the brain using video game technology. But using that technology to look at the brain was an entirely new idea.

"This concept that rhythm might be therapeutic has been around for a long time; there's just really not studies that have carefully controlled a rhythmic experiment and looked for changes in the brain," Gazzaley said.

Only now are computers powerful enough to show those changes live.

Launch of LADEE

Marvelous Night For A Moondance -or, for a launch to solve a Moon Dust mystery.

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