Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sh-- For Brains?

in case you missed it - this correction brings it all up again, reasons for the stepping down etc:
SJ Merc on UC Davis Correction: Cancer Treatment Probe story
"Investigators I appointed heard from some witnesses that there is perception that compliance with university policies and external regulatory requirements is not a universally held value," said Ralph J. Hexter, the school's provost and executive vice chancellor.

and the Sac Bee has this:
UC Davis Surgeons Resign After Bacteria-In-Brain Dispute

"I lost confidence, if you will, in the ability of the university administration to fairly handle it," Schrot told the newspaper.

"The lack of follow-through by the Office of Academic Personnel seems to represent a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the research misconduct and misrepresentation of the research activities …" the provost's panel wrote.

Pomeroy, former dean of the School of Medicine, was criticized for recommending Muizelaar's appointment to a prestigious endowed chair in the midst of the scandal. The panel deemed her actions "inappropriate."

Pomeroy told university investigators she knew little about Muizelaar's cases, as they had constituted "just a mention" from him at the time. She defended his endowed chair by saying it had been established as being automatically given to the department's chair, a role Muizelaar was then filling, according to the provost panel's report.

The Bee's review of internal documents shows the university has flip-flopped in its position
whatever: happened with this one?

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