Monday, September 2, 2013

'Take Your SHIP' and ...Part II

Now it is: demonstrations, riots and healthcare policy terms, covered in Daily Cal: "Campus Health Plan Accidentally Denies Coverage To Riot Participants"

While the clause is not in effect and is in the process of being removed from print, Mitar Milutinovic, a UC Berkeley graduate student who wrote a blog post about the clause, still has questions about why such language would be included in any insurance policy.
East Bay Express:the new east bay span of Bay Bridge might have some design problems according to some Cal engineers- ex officio and President of the UC Regents Governor Brown was a no show at the opening gala for this project- one he advocated for as Mayor...
(looks like Magneto moved the cantilever section to intersect the new span. Palm trees to be placed later, no one is saying how they are going to avoid having fronds fall into the lanes.)

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