Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The mood of the day...

Didn't expect it this time for some reason.

News this morning that Prof. Andrew Goodwin died -reading about him, his research, cup of tea in some ways. So, pulling this collection of links together about RP and LZ in his honor and in honor of friends from xoxo93xoxo remembered today... and, as a belated Labor Day honor, too.
They touch on meaningful work, overcoming obstacles, the creative process etc.

Work and RP discussed in Forbes a short while back.

There's also: "the gig is to do what you do well and then it's never -- it's never gonna be a 'job'" comments.

Gems like: "being a contributor was way more important than being a hero" and "I was crafted by frustration."-- "keeping things big and broad" --"detaching"
and reminiscing on: a grammar school boy facing austerity --if only today's austerity could...

You've got to be inspired.

[Pieces out there about RP and women's studies etc.- how some of the same stuff directed at women has also been thrown his way -e.g. blogs on 'what happened to his face', 'what happened to his chest' etc. and on and on- as though he is supposed to remain... unchanged. He takes it in stride, jokes about it- usually.

Others have covered this before- and, overall, yes, it could be discounted by some as just merely -what's that phrase?-'the same epiphanic moments'. Lots of different ways to go... remember receiving a poster of 'The Darkness' - the person who gave it to me was kind of confused and didn't quite 'get it' -kinda like the Carla Bruni-lite knock off who conducted this interview here at the 4:58 mark --but, go back, there is a treasure at the 3:48 mark..

Big difference between RP, LZ -and that 'knock off' just-for-fun-almost-tribute-band crap. Some people get it, some people don't.]

Here, in this space- sometimes interject RP into things to lighten the mood
Other times --as a reminder of creative forces overcoming profound loss.
The morning news on Goodwin - a reminder...
A while back, began adding RP in on posts from time to time
it was for someone who suffered a loss
Didn't want that friend to fall apart, grief can consume
and it seemed like times were getting really bad - for everyone around
Small gesture to send RP out as a... talisman, compass
Not as- never as- a doppelganger

Then, there's Oakland 1977...
That space between Aberystwyth and M-------
Very much like that space between Lincoln City and Eureka
Just like he said

For another time.

I think this is the most I want to say right now about RP, and this and that...

There's so much glory in the story untold
coverage of this UC Memorial today
and this new memorial fund that benefits students.

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