Wednesday, September 4, 2013

the UCOP lens, the campus lens

Why do they each have such a different view of things?
How could UCOP come to such different conclusions? How does a 'headquarters' like UCOP correctly direct system-wide initiatives if the conclusions UCOP arrives at are so different from the conclusions the campuses (not to mention the US Dept of Ed) reach on important issues?

...Daily Cal Toward a Calmer Campus
the Department of Education concluded these charges are without merit and warrant no further investigation.

This development marks a welcome departure from the conclusions reached by the UC Office of the President’s controversial Council on on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion. The findings from that July 2012 report contended pro-Israel Jewish students were routinely maligned and singled out by anti-Israel sentiment on UC campuses and urged the university to adopt stricter guidelines on combating perceived incidences of anti-Semitism.
The department’s ruling that the campus does not foster an anti-Semitic environment is positive for a few reasons.

- a certain new law prof at Boalt (Yudof) should address this latest set of developments.
LA Times takes up: the UC Regents vacancies again and wonders about Gov. Brown's reluctance to fill the seats.
This in depth article on the latest involving Sallie Mae programs.

consider it along with this:
“[V]irtually every aspect of the higher-ed dream has been colonized by monopolies, cartels, and other unrestrained predators—[...] the charmingly naive American student is in fact a cash cow, and everyone has got a scheme for slicing off a porterhouse or two

and Thomas McAfee Dies On Africa Vacation -not sure if he presented in July to UC Regents on the Jacobs Med center expansion/development at UCSD, he was headed to USC." The details on what happened are vague right now. UPDATE: Daily Mail says he was trampled to death by an elephant.

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