Friday, September 20, 2013

Yudof Apparently Still On The Job... And Still Preparing To Leave

listen to the audio clips provided in this article- it includes comments from former academic senate chair Powell and State Senator Leland Yee and multiple student comments: Yudof Prepares to Leave UC Presidency

and also listen to the longer audio clip of Yudof interview here: Outgoing UC President Looks Back on His Tenure his mistakes, his legacy, his accomplishments - Davis pepper spray and he also says "It’s always dangerous to speak for Berkeley." and on UC Riverside: "There were a lot of provocations, but at the end of the day, the university administration is supposed to be the adult in the room. So, I’m not saying they weren’t provoked. I mean, I was locked in a building for hours at Riverside with a riotous crowd outside, so I don’t see everyone else as innocent." -Transcript provided in article.

Yudof also talks about false brand narratives and the rascals in charge and prop 30.
See: it pales beside the memory of her arrival at Berkeley in 2009, and her subsequent shock at the state of the budget for which she was now, as chief financial officer, chiefly responsible.

What she’d inherited, she found, was “the lack of a budget.”

“My first year, we couldn’t even figure out where any of the money was,” she says, her laugh bouncing off the walls of her sixth-floor office in University Hall. “I was like, ‘What do you mean you don’t know where the money is?’ It was crazy.”

Nathan Brostrom, was VC Admin at Berkeley prior to Wilton - recall Brostrom said at this week's regents meeting something about everyone thinking they were crazy for buying buildings when he was at UC Berkeley- how can decisions like that be made if Gore's description above is correct? Very confusing, what was going on before 2009?
‘Is that the kind of person you’d do the river with?’
WaPo Blog: A farewell party for Janet Napolitano was notable for the VIP guest list,
do The River w/ The Boss

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