Monday, September 30, 2013

Yudof, Napolitano...Chump Change?

words around the Napolitano arrival: 'international and parochial UC presidency', 'fait accompli', 'sought', 'listen and learn',etc. see:
Janet Napolitano to officially take over as UC president

Evan Westrup, the governor's spokesman, said Brown was involved in Napolitano's selection and plans to meet with her soon.

Former Pentagon spokesman Doug Wilson, a longtime friend of Napolitano's, said she did not pursue the UC presidency on her own, but "was sought out for the job" during the university's search process.
Students oppose Janet Napolitano as UC president
- but at least two no confidence votes were dodged, for now...
on his way out: President Yudof commits $100K to boost UC Humanities

Daily Cal takes on the first of many legacy pieces

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