Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UC Pres proposes: $5 mil for DREAM Students, $10 mil for Grads and Post Doc

First read this story from her visit at Oakland Tech HS - and protest video in the Oakland Tribune piece (part of KR SJ Merc group): Napolitano, whose father graduated from Castlemont High School in Oakland, told students at Oakland Tech that if they qualify academically and they are poor, they don't need to worry about money to get in to a UC school.
The Oakland Tech HS visit happened earlier in the day and was met with protest. See ABClocal coverage: "We're going to do more for all first generation students whether they be documented, undocumented, than has ever been done," she said. "We're looking for ways to do that, and I would say, you know, watch what I do, don't rely on rumors from the past."
Three initiatives- Daily Cal has early coverage of Napolitano's Commonwealth speech here

Daily Bruin: Napolitano to allocate $15M to student programs

Dirks met with undocumented in this piece

UCB Graduate students protested on Sproul earlier

will update with more coverage of her speech here: HuffPo/AP: Janet Napolitano Pledges $5 Million To Aid Students Living In The U.S. Illegally

Chicago Tribune- Reuters: University of California to spend $5 million to help undocumented students

Fox News Latino went w/ Reuters too

Commonwealth Club has a multimedia section where her speech will likely be posted, hopefully soon for those unable to attend.

Tix For Napolitano Talk Tonight

can still be purchased-you have to pay to find out about the future of UC. The event is at 6pm at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, student tickets are $10, non members $25 see: CA Commonwealth Club and scroll down page to purchase tickets. Looking around for info on whether they will post the live or recorded video of the talk immediately, if it will be available on Cal channel or C-Span etc.
UC Regents Investment Committee meeting November 5th - esp.: see this page for important attachments and actions.
strike votes happening and grad student issues
premature? Berkeley City College moves on CCSF

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dirks In DC, more

WaPo: New UC-Berkeley chancellor is against rating colleges based on graduate earnings
What brought him to Washington, among other business, was a meeting with top U.S. Education Department officials to discuss President Obama’s plan for the federal government to rate colleges on value by the start of the 2015-16 school year.
and December 2011...faculty were taking mandatory furloughs, class size was growing, roofs were leaking and e-mail was crashing.

Dirks took office June 1 at a more favorable moment. Prop. 30 hasn’t solved all of the state’s education funding issues — far from it — but it has changed the conversation.

“I’ve been able to take advantage of a renewed sense of optimism,” Dirks said. “There’s a sense of stability. There’s a general sense that we’ve weathered the worst and Berkeley will be able to be the great university that it was.”

...that it was.
OC Weekly Reg blog w/ detail on protests at UC Irvine

The student newspaper at UC Irvine: Students Protesting Napolitano Met With Police Aggression
Reclaiming: “Take Back UCI.” Over 75 participants gathered around a coffin marked “Death of Public Education” and “Death of Workers’ Rights,” many of them “mourning” as they dressed in all black.
what do the BP at Berkeley folks have to say about this: latest development (they signed off on it at Mission Bay-UCSF but not covered in the Synapse) --and how does this connect to the Keystone pipeline potentially going to British Columbia- isn't that the plan Canada said would happen if it can't go through the center of the US?

another view: Jerry Brown Is Embarrassing California

Brown Joins Harvard in Rejecting Fossil Fuel Divestment
is this happening?
The next Berkeley Forum event is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 8 and is titled “Influence on Money and Politics,” with speaker Lawrence Lessig.

hope it's -yes- and recorded for broadcast.

Monday, October 28, 2013

'Bad workplace + bad HR = Situation very likely hopeless.'

Minding the Workplace post: HR, workplace bullying, and the abandoned target

As the CA State Auditor considers the second UC (in addition to Berkeley) to include in her Title IX audit (a picture of an underrepresented minority UC employee as a gorilla being sodomized by another UC employee during a UC sponsored event is the stuff of Title IX, right?) there is this: the 34 page UCLA external team report Independent Investigative Report On Acts Of Bias and Discrimination Involving Faculty At University of California, Los Angeles is available here- it includes:
"Moreover, the Title IX Officer’s impartiality remains unclear, as she informed us that she investigated a recent incident of alleged racial bias and/or discrimination in the context of advising the school on a potential settlement. The use, on an ad hoc basis, of an investigator who has at times acted on behalf of campus counsel in anticipation of litigation, is insufficient to address faculty concerns in this area. While key administration personnel praised the Title IX Officer’s professional training and ability, her use in this capacity by the administration lacks transparency and credibility."
then read and listen to this on UCLA--"a campus racial climate in near crisis."

for more on the Head and Sercarz issues see this previous post and this one.
Another thing to keep in mind in all of this is the experience of patients who are minorities receiving treatment in such an environment, that does not get mentioned.
and go back to the Minding the Workplace post again... to compare and contrast.
The student athlete - the athlete student - take your pick...
don't flip out, just for a sec, remember W 'the soft prejudice of low expectations'- or was it 'bigotry' - does it play into this?:
Cal athletics grad rates.
also reminded of Regent Lansing's comments on Davis and Berkeley protests during regents meeting at that "shocked and appalled" time-- she said Davis and Berkeley should get some training from folks at UCLA on how to get along... sheeesh.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top of The Mark? Napolitano To Make Address About Her UC Role

at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. How very 1%, or high school prom-ish,or...
You have to go to the Daily Bruin to find out what is happening in SF:
“Teach for California, Research for the World,”
"Napolitano will also answer questions from event attendees in a Q&A session after her presentation, which Dr. Mary Marcy, president of the Dominican University of California, will moderate."

The event, hosted by the Commonwealth Club, will be held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco...

So the topic is UC's future and it is happening at the Mark Hopkins, moderated by Dominican folk (a private Catholic in Marin) and is: sponsored by the Commonwealth Club.

maybe she should have scheduled a special session during the upcoming regents meeting to do this- it is just a couple of weeks away- the messaging to the community...
Daily Cal headlined this on paper as 'no major waves' - but it looks like there are some 'waves' happening in LA
Best not to think about such things while you think of
Top of the Mark memories

Friday, October 25, 2013

When the cat food bowl is placed next to the litter box, or something like that...

sorry for the title on this post -lame- no words really
well... I went to: read Napolitano's note to the UC community
posted at Our University
and noticed this story also on the front page:
Diana Dooley, California Health Secretary, discussed the state's health care marketplace with UC employees earlier this month

--wondered: 'is that Dooley related to the Dooley who told the L'il Hoover Commission those things about faculty pay, online instruction, and cat food bowls and money can make water flow uphill?' see 57:30 mark here in this video

and it looks like the answer is yes: Before becoming an attorney in 1995, she owned a public relations and advertising agency. She moved into health care in 2000, when she left her private law practice to serve as general counsel and vice president at Children’s Hospital Central California. She is married to Dan Dooley, UC senior vice president for external relations.
Maybe I knew this already and forgot-- maybe you know this already and it's nbfd. Understandably, being surprised anymore by anything is a rare experience for most- the Age of Jade.
but, anyway, something to maybe keep in mind as e.g. the UC and various hospital deals are discussed at UC Regents meetings and as the UC Care stories continue to unfold and there is backlash...

could have titled this post: “the dynamic Dooley duo.” there is more of that here.
also see: Report: Berkeley drops ball on athlete graduation rate

and this on pensions and dark money moves

Dark, Denim Moves On Prop 30- a surprise to the Gov.?

that ex officio uc regent-also Governor- Jerry Brown, has got to be wondering about these latest revelations:

"Members of the Fisher family, founders of the Gap clothing chain, plowed more than $8 million into the dark money campaign to defeat Gov. Jerry Brown's tax increase, Proposition 30, and to support the anti-union Proposition 32, in the 2012 elections, according to" see: Gap Clothing Chain Founders Were Behind California 'Dark Money' Campaign
and LA Times: List Unmasks Secret Donors to California Initiative Campaigns
Those contributors include owners of the Gap Inc., for which California First Lady Anne Gust Brown was once a top executive,... Gust Brown formerly was the company’s chief administrative officer.

Gust Brown is now on the Governor's staff- chief adviser and de facto chief of staff. She has been mentioned as a close friend to the Fisher family for years and years. (She inducted Doris Fisher into the California Hall of Fame -the video for that event seems to have been scrubbed long ago, perhaps cuz this also happened at that event.) So, this is surprising to them, right?

maybe something to ask over lunch? or, would you rather...
remember...a recent no to bad denim ideas all around. (btw, last pair were a strange boot cut with label stamped 'made in Pakistan', go figure. wish for the vintage to make a comeback.)

Napolitano at UC Davis

updated: some: student tweets of note:
"...Your housing allowance which is more than what I make in 6 mos as a TA"

"UC Prez Napolitano just told student reps that we need to be more proactive to make positive change in the university."

"Chancellor Katehi made an appearance. We also asked for her resignation."

Their report-Towards Mediocrity: Administrative Mismanagement and the Decline of UC Education, What Can be Done to Address our Public Education Crisis

video- part of protest here

Davis Enterprise pic -will add more coverage here- if it pops up.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lt. Pike Wins Workers Comp Fight

The UC Davis pepper aftermath goes on...see:
News10 with comment from UC in their piece

HuffPo: John Pike, Pepper-Spraying Cop, Gets $38,000 Disability Settlement

NBC University of California cop who pepper-sprayed student protesters awarded $38,000

NPR: UC Davis' 'Pepper Spray Cop' Wins $38K In Workers' Comp

Reuters: California cop who pepper-sprayed student protesters awarded $38,000

Davis Enterprise Pepper-spray cop reaches $38,056 settlement with university

Davis Vanguard had this earlier this week: UC Davis Unveils Police Oversight Plan - you can view the UC Davis report it is based on here:

and an update, on the latest: Commentary: Pike Worker's Compensation Payout Makes Mockery of System, Incident

“You’ll graduate with an education, and with a brand…a UC education.”

The Bottom Line covers the Kieffer Visit to UCSB:
“Chancellor paychecks are still of bottom third of top 60 universities,” Kieffer said. “You’ll graduate with an education, and with a brand…a UC education.”

The students demanded to know where the funds to education went, and if it was a result of mismanagement.

the pensions covered by Cal Pol Issues: here and here
and at HuffPo talk about potential Congressional moves on pensions
the British Are Coming on higher ed

Some British firms didn't show up on Obamacare/ACA?- the British and Canadians firms involved in Obamacare rollout alluded to at the 4:40 mark at this Morning Joe video clip and in Guardian piece

...interesting times.
in that morning joe clip- Ronan looks like Frank, a nice reminder of him in the heyday.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Isn't Going Well?

Daily Cal with a story on UC system-wide student 'no confidence vote' trends on Napolitano.
Kudos to Kieffer for at least going to a campus to explain his position on Napolitano and his vote- it is more than can be said of many of the other UC regents.
This is silly and sorta obnoxious: What Justin Bieber Can Teach the New UC President. Mark Yudof had twitter, FB etc. - it does not matter in terms of developing relationships w/in the system. It does not substitute for direct interaction. What matters is face to face in depth communication with the community. UC Pres is not just a lobby position, figure head position or branding tool. Please stop with the nonsense. (btw, isn't there stuff at USC to interest that author? ah, the George Takei pandering--fyi, his popularity first has to do with Takei's craft/personality/him - not his social media accounts.)
A Title IX Teach In on Cal - would be good to see one on UC.
this just came out: UC Davis Unveils Police Oversight Plan - you can view the UC Davis report it is based on here:
textbooks and campus press

Monday, October 21, 2013

UC Regent Kiefer at UCSB on Napolitano- and the Tea Party and Occupy.

Daily Nexus UC Regent Addresses Administration Concerns: “You can’t meet with everybody, but you try. I think that this visit to all the campuses that she’s making — and making sure that she’s visiting with students, as well as the chancellor and the academic leaders — is very, very important. It’s a very important message, so I think she’s off on the right foot.”
“Her background is in military and militarizing our borders. Her background is not in education,” Abuata said. “You said it’s important to meet students, and that it’s a step forward. However, I know a lot of students that have been excluded from this meeting.”
many students said the meeting’s primary organizers — A.S. officials — did not publicize the location and time of the meeting, which included only roughly 10 invited students.

...some student comments in the piece:
In addition, Wegener said the UC lacks sufficient financial support for students in need and, as a houseless student himself, he said those needs should be addressed at a statewide level.
“This is not a time for celebration,” Wegener said. “We’re struggling to pay for our tuition, we’re struggling to pay for our rent…as a student who has to pay for tuition, I have been houseless for 6 months now.”

and also see:
UC Regent George Kieffer Discusses Student Activism, UC Issues With the Nexus
“It doesn’t look that way when you’re here … [but] some of the most radical students in 1969 became some of the most conservative students by 1980,” he said.
on protests and politics...
“There are times when it doesn’t help, when it can actually counter,” he said. “You got to pick your spots and pick the right issues.”

Mentioning the Tea Party branch of the Republican Party and Occupy protests as two instances of political activism gone awry, Kieffer said these radical approaches can be unappealing to the general public. “I don’t think it’s worked for the Republican Party to basically stage the equivalent of a sit-in in Congress,” he said, relating this incident — which led to the government shutdown — to the mostly leftist Occupy movement that followed the 2008 national economic recession, “In both cases, the public rejected the extremes and sought a middle ground. In fact, it drove people — in both cases — more toward the middle.”

Mr. Kieffer was appointed as a Regent in May 2009 by Governor Schwarzenegger to a term ending in 2021. (Links to his full UCOP bio etc. are in the tab above)
Since folks are on UCSB and the pols...
Has US Rep. Capps read/commented on this stuff?:
Santa Barbara Independent: UC (Doesn't) Care
She represents Santa Barbara still, right? - she's got 'family' at UCOP, so she should have some pull, right? -even if it isn't just a SB problem for the UC system. and: "Mr. Duckett said his office would continue to lean on Cottage and Blue Shield, and that in the meantime UCSB folks should write letters to “anyone who will listen.” , so...maybe
'Dear Rep. Capps,
Why are N----n and friends doing this?'...
-or, something like that- maybe.

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Tuition Increases Coming...

and coming? Looks like it: University Of California Budget Still Rocky After Years Of Drastic Cuts

Birgeneau noted that the state money no longer covers much of the expense of staff salaries, yet he said those staff "deserve a raise."

"Those increases have to come from somewhere, and one of the sources is going to have to be increases in tuition," Birgeneau said. "Ideally, at a moderate rate."

Bill Jacob, the chair of the UC system's Academic Senate and a mathematics professor at UC Santa Barbara, also acknowledges that tuition increases will have to happen, but hopes for predictable rises.

"What would help us, frankly, is a stable plan for tuition increases to meet mandatory costs," Jacob said, "not leave it fixed for a while, then have it jump big."

Update: there is this on Napolitano at UCSC saying she hopes tuition increases aren't on the horizon...

while there also see this piece on racial bias issues among UCLA faculty covered in an LA Times article and the UC report compiled by a five member panel.

and VIDEO: Janet Napolitano Visit Protested at UC Santa Cruz

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Seismic Example For The Nation?

U.S. Should Follow California Lead On Earthquake Early Warning, Expert Says
then see:
Quake danger: UC, L.A. Officials In Standoff Over Records

City officials said they requested the data this week from a group of researchers who identified about 1,500 potentially at-risk concrete buildings in L.A. The academics sent a 2012 research paper outlining their studies but declined the city’s request to provide the list of buildings, said Jeff Millman, a spokesman for Garcetti. The scientists had earlier told The Times they were willing to share the list with the city.

a li'l shakin' goin' on

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

UC Student Observers at UC Regents meeting, more

covered in the Daily Cal- program will add three student observers to UC Regent committee meetings.
See Inside Higher Ed covers "At Berkeley" doc:

“It’s actually helpful that the list [of demands] is so crazy,” we hear Birgeneau tell another administrator via speakerphone. “If they had a list of three things that we could conceivably be able to address, that would be much more effective.”
His administration responds with a deliberately vague statement in support of accessible public education, which the protesters boo – but the rally dies down quickly, with no evident impact. A shot of the same reading room later that evening shows it to be neat, empty, silent. A worker begins taking down the protest banner tacked above the library door.
In an administrative meeting afterward, Birgeneau dismisses the protest as “classic oppositional politics; there was no underlying philosophy.”

In another, George Breslauer, executive vice chancellor and provost, is briefly seen giving a talk on making compelling academic personnel cases. “You have to combine passion with discernment,” he says, attributing the phrase to a former vice provost.
“…The coin of the realm in academia is rational argumentation and marshaling of evidence,” Breslauer continues, “and that’s where the discernment part comes in. Passion is necessary for a variety of reasons – to maintain your morale, to maintain the perception of you as committed, and in order to energize you to pursue [your] ambitions – but discernment is equally important.” Successful advocacy, Breslauer says, requires the use of evidence and logic, not “mere cheerleading.”

another piece on wedge: The Wedge Driving Academe's Two Families Apart
Can STEM and the human sciences get along?

Professional schools outside of engineering and medicine complicate the picture somewhat. Journalism and law often find themselves grouped with the social sciences and humanities, while public health is counted among the STEMs. The professors of business are frequently shunned by both families and sob about their rejection all the way to Davos. - imo, don't think 'the wedge' plays out this way...
Here's info and links to that new Little Hoover Report on CA Higher Ed- 'the master plan is dead'
UC Berkeley Anonymous on UC Care and options
Some students finally write about DailyCal ad picks. Noticed it too a while back -while reading an article on a fav bay area journalist and alum - and could not believe the placement of that ad next to that article at the time it published.(noted it in the second to last link at this post in mid July) Glad to see an op ed from students on it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gov. Brown Signs CA Two-Tier Tuition

he signs controversial AB 955, see Inside Higher Ed: Two-Tiered Tuition is Back

The California Legislature passed the bill last month. It wasn’t clear Brown would back the law. But he did.

“This seems like a reasonable experiment,” Brown said in a written statement. “Why deny these campuses the opportunity to offer students access and financial assistance to courses not otherwise available?”

Critics of two-tiered tuition say it challenges the state’s fabled Master Plan for Higher Education, which guarantees an open-door approach at community colleges.

“This measure reverses the underlying philosophy of California community colleges, which is equitable opportunity for all,” said Jonathan Lightman, executive director of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges.

Lightman said the faculty group was disappointed with Brown’s decision, which he said is a move toward privatization of public higher education. The bill is poorly constructed, he said, and does not include adequate state oversight for the program.

The faculty group, in a written statement, called two-tiered tuition a “toll road for the economically privileged.”

Govt Shutdown impact on the Labs, More Questions On UC Care

Livermore Lab workers face furloughs, no back pay

Lawrence Livermore lab faces closure under shutdown

Government shutdown: Thousands of Bay Area lab workers set be furloughed starting next week

and Some Further Questions About UC Care

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Lodestar State

LA Times on the Napolitano Visit to UCLA

She said she saw her job as being “a public advocate for higher education and to keep this system as really the lodestar for what public education ought to be.”

The UC president rushed past the protesters, who chanted slogans against her as she entered the facility, without comment.

“We do not think she is the right choice to be UC president. We believe our institution stands for the complete opposite of what she stands for. She stands for militarization, privatization and increasing the national security state and culture of suspicion,”

there is this latest on UC Davis and the City of Davis on shared services -- some stuff Napolitano could dig into easily with skills from her previous job...will be interesting to see if she does get into discussing these items at UC Regents meetings when they come up.
maybe not exactly Polaris when this is goin' on:
The Power of 10? How UCSB is being Screwed

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"UC Care was based on a UC med center tie in--Mr. Duckett said the medical centers came to UCOP wanting to bid for the UC employee health business—which put the non-medical campus at a disadvantage."

UPDATES: here and here
health disparities at UC...

Regent De La Pena talked about his predictions for ObamaCare/ACA impact on UC Med Centers at the last UC Regents meeting. His Med/health services committee never discusses in depth questions around what UC regent actions (votes they made based on the recommendations of their UCOP favorites) led to the UC SHIP debacle or regent decisions that caused this latest healthcare benefits outrage taking place at UCSB and UC campuses: Health Care Troubles And A Simple Solution

A comment there at that post included this line "Instead, it looks as if you're trying to smoke them out at our expense."

--The health disparities aimed at the folks getting smoked out...
maybe the safest thing an individual can do is get coverage sep. and apart- away from their employer, away from their college/university?
Cal Pol Issues: UC Health union Says It Will Take Strike Vote
Looks like its Yellen. and Daily Cal coverage.

Monday, October 7, 2013

UC SHIP update and Napolitano met student leaders

see: LAT Napolitano met with student leaders
and there's: UC files lawsuit against UC SHIP consulting firm Aon Hewitt

-recall during UC Regents meetings... a lot of UC regents routinely make predictions, statements about ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act -in relation to impact on UC Med. Did these same UC Regents have any hunches about UC SHIP in 2008 or 2010?
it starts off like this:
"I am currently a PhD student at a large, public university. It has
been my dream since I was a child. I was funded for two years, up
until this year, when it was discontinued as a result of my bullying
experiences. Funded graduate students are technically employees of the
school, but they are rarely regarded as such. It also seems to be
common knowledge that grad students are often subjected to poor
treatment. I expected to be worked harder than ever before, which is
not a problem for me, but I did not expect rampant emotional, mental,
and sexual abuse.
My funding was pulled and my reputation in a department I wanted to
transfer to was tarnished. They know that without funding it is
incredibly difficult to continue as a full-time Ph.D. student. They also
treat their non-funded doctoral students as if they do not exist. You
may be exempt from certain forms of bullying, but you also miss out on
many of the perks that lead to good job prospects in research

read the rest of the post along w/ helpful resources: here

and there is this on the strange limbo for unpaid interns

Friday, October 4, 2013

'UC Is A Political Problem' Revisited and more

here in this Op Ed: Viewpoints: How Napolitano can rescue the University of California by John Aubrey Douglass, Senior Research Fellow – Public Policy and Higher Education at UC Berkeley
Mentions the Restless UC Regents and the TBD Economic Model
-Should the UC Pres position exist to solve the political problem? - what about when the recruitment itself is seen as a "political problem"?
Some: Bruin Action and: Some Nap. Action on the Trust Act w/ a visit to UC Merced

Waypoints In The MOOC Debate IV: Innovation After MOOCs

and want to know "does the shutdown affect your work?"
see: "the instructor will retain ownership of her intellectual property (if she can wrest it from her university, which is another matter). There is no appropriation of an author’s content by this outside corporation. Coursera does not raise classic red flags by taking the instructor’s IP as its own."
and: ‘Microsoft discovered that Foucault trumps Marx.’ But this is a false opposition

See Cal Pol Issues recent posts at UCLA Fac Blog to catch up on other stuff including the copper wire-'the night the lights went out in'- story -updates on that here and here- and a swipe on fee hikes at RSF here..
Changing Universities had this awhile back
A Bear At UT makes good: UT Pres Wins 2014 Alumnus Of The Year - he has taken on some recent battles there...
US Senate Chaplain: "Save Us From The Madness", Amen.