Monday, October 28, 2013

'Bad workplace + bad HR = Situation very likely hopeless.'

Minding the Workplace post: HR, workplace bullying, and the abandoned target

As the CA State Auditor considers the second UC (in addition to Berkeley) to include in her Title IX audit (a picture of an underrepresented minority UC employee as a gorilla being sodomized by another UC employee during a UC sponsored event is the stuff of Title IX, right?) there is this: the 34 page UCLA external team report Independent Investigative Report On Acts Of Bias and Discrimination Involving Faculty At University of California, Los Angeles is available here- it includes:
"Moreover, the Title IX Officer’s impartiality remains unclear, as she informed us that she investigated a recent incident of alleged racial bias and/or discrimination in the context of advising the school on a potential settlement. The use, on an ad hoc basis, of an investigator who has at times acted on behalf of campus counsel in anticipation of litigation, is insufficient to address faculty concerns in this area. While key administration personnel praised the Title IX Officer’s professional training and ability, her use in this capacity by the administration lacks transparency and credibility."
then read and listen to this on UCLA--"a campus racial climate in near crisis."

for more on the Head and Sercarz issues see this previous post and this one.
Another thing to keep in mind in all of this is the experience of patients who are minorities receiving treatment in such an environment, that does not get mentioned.
and go back to the Minding the Workplace post again... to compare and contrast.
The student athlete - the athlete student - take your pick...
don't flip out, just for a sec, remember W 'the soft prejudice of low expectations'- or was it 'bigotry' - does it play into this?:
Cal athletics grad rates.
also reminded of Regent Lansing's comments on Davis and Berkeley protests during regents meeting at that "shocked and appalled" time-- she said Davis and Berkeley should get some training from folks at UCLA on how to get along... sheeesh.

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