Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dirks In DC, more

WaPo: New UC-Berkeley chancellor is against rating colleges based on graduate earnings
What brought him to Washington, among other business, was a meeting with top U.S. Education Department officials to discuss President Obama’s plan for the federal government to rate colleges on value by the start of the 2015-16 school year.
...in December 2011...faculty were taking mandatory furloughs, class size was growing, roofs were leaking and e-mail was crashing.

Dirks took office June 1 at a more favorable moment. Prop. 30 hasn’t solved all of the state’s education funding issues — far from it — but it has changed the conversation.

“I’ve been able to take advantage of a renewed sense of optimism,” Dirks said. “There’s a sense of stability. There’s a general sense that we’ve weathered the worst and Berkeley will be able to be the great university that it was.”

...that it was.
OC Weekly Reg blog w/ detail on protests at UC Irvine

The student newspaper at UC Irvine: Students Protesting Napolitano Met With Police Aggression
Reclaiming: “Take Back UCI.” Over 75 participants gathered around a coffin marked “Death of Public Education” and “Death of Workers’ Rights,” many of them “mourning” as they dressed in all black.
what do the BP at Berkeley folks have to say about this: latest development (they signed off on it at Mission Bay-UCSF but not covered in the Synapse) --and how does this connect to the Keystone pipeline potentially going to British Columbia- isn't that the plan Canada said would happen if it can't go through the center of the US?

another view: Jerry Brown Is Embarrassing California

Brown Joins Harvard in Rejecting Fossil Fuel Divestment
is this happening?
The next Berkeley Forum event is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 8 and is titled “Influence on Money and Politics,” with speaker Lawrence Lessig.

hope it's -yes- and recorded for broadcast.

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