Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Lodestar State

LA Times on the Napolitano Visit to UCLA

She said she saw her job as being “a public advocate for higher education and to keep this system as really the lodestar for what public education ought to be.”

The UC president rushed past the protesters, who chanted slogans against her as she entered the facility, without comment.

“We do not think she is the right choice to be UC president. We believe our institution stands for the complete opposite of what she stands for. She stands for militarization, privatization and increasing the national security state and culture of suspicion,”

there is this latest on UC Davis and the City of Davis on shared services -- some stuff Napolitano could dig into easily with skills from her previous job...will be interesting to see if she does get into discussing these items at UC Regents meetings when they come up.
maybe not exactly Polaris when this is goin' on:
The Power of 10? How UCSB is being Screwed

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