Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top of The Mark? Napolitano To Make Address About Her UC Role

at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. How very 1%, or high school prom-ish,or...
You have to go to the Daily Bruin to find out what is happening in SF:
“Teach for California, Research for the World,”
"Napolitano will also answer questions from event attendees in a Q&A session after her presentation, which Dr. Mary Marcy, president of the Dominican University of California, will moderate."

The event, hosted by the Commonwealth Club, will be held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco...

So the topic is UC's future and it is happening at the Mark Hopkins, moderated by Dominican folk (a private Catholic in Marin) and is: sponsored by the Commonwealth Club.

maybe she should have scheduled a special session during the upcoming regents meeting to do this- it is just a couple of weeks away- the messaging to the community...
Daily Cal headlined this on paper as 'no major waves' - but it looks like there are some 'waves' happening in LA
Best not to think about such things while you think of
Top of the Mark memories

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