Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tuition Increases Coming...

and coming? Looks like it: University Of California Budget Still Rocky After Years Of Drastic Cuts

Birgeneau noted that the state money no longer covers much of the expense of staff salaries, yet he said those staff "deserve a raise."

"Those increases have to come from somewhere, and one of the sources is going to have to be increases in tuition," Birgeneau said. "Ideally, at a moderate rate."

Bill Jacob, the chair of the UC system's Academic Senate and a mathematics professor at UC Santa Barbara, also acknowledges that tuition increases will have to happen, but hopes for predictable rises.

"What would help us, frankly, is a stable plan for tuition increases to meet mandatory costs," Jacob said, "not leave it fixed for a while, then have it jump big."

Update: there is this on Napolitano at UCSC saying she hopes tuition increases aren't on the horizon...

while there also see this piece on racial bias issues among UCLA faculty covered in an LA Times article and the UC report compiled by a five member panel.

and VIDEO: Janet Napolitano Visit Protested at UC Santa Cruz

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