Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"UC Care was based on a UC med center tie in--Mr. Duckett said the medical centers came to UCOP wanting to bid for the UC employee health business—which put the non-medical campus at a disadvantage."

UPDATES: here and here
health disparities at UC...

Regent De La Pena talked about his predictions for ObamaCare/ACA impact on UC Med Centers at the last UC Regents meeting. His Med/health services committee never discusses in depth questions around what UC regent actions (votes they made based on the recommendations of their UCOP favorites) led to the UC SHIP debacle or regent decisions that caused this latest healthcare benefits outrage taking place at UCSB and UC campuses: Health Care Troubles And A Simple Solution

A comment there at that post included this line "Instead, it looks as if you're trying to smoke them out at our expense."

--The health disparities aimed at the folks getting smoked out...
maybe the safest thing an individual can do is get coverage sep. and apart- away from their employer, away from their college/university?
Cal Pol Issues: UC Health union Says It Will Take Strike Vote
Looks like its Yellen. and Daily Cal coverage.

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