Friday, October 4, 2013

'UC Is A Political Problem' Revisited and more

here in this Op Ed: Viewpoints: How Napolitano can rescue the University of California by John Aubrey Douglass, Senior Research Fellow – Public Policy and Higher Education at UC Berkeley
Mentions the Restless UC Regents and the TBD Economic Model
-Should the UC Pres position exist to solve the political problem? - what about when the recruitment itself is seen as a "political problem"?
Some: Bruin Action and: Some Nap. Action on the Trust Act w/ a visit to UC Merced

Waypoints In The MOOC Debate IV: Innovation After MOOCs

and want to know "does the shutdown affect your work?"
see: "the instructor will retain ownership of her intellectual property (if she can wrest it from her university, which is another matter). There is no appropriation of an author’s content by this outside corporation. Coursera does not raise classic red flags by taking the instructor’s IP as its own."
and: ‘Microsoft discovered that Foucault trumps Marx.’ But this is a false opposition

See Cal Pol Issues recent posts at UCLA Fac Blog to catch up on other stuff including the copper wire-'the night the lights went out in'- story -updates on that here and here- and a swipe on fee hikes at RSF here..
Changing Universities had this awhile back
A Bear At UT makes good: UT Pres Wins 2014 Alumnus Of The Year - he has taken on some recent battles there...
US Senate Chaplain: "Save Us From The Madness", Amen.

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  1. UCB considers a power outage a major news story? Hell, we get so little support at UCSC that we have to deal with power outages several times a year (our co-gen plant was designed for a campus 1/5 the size, and PG&E regards cutting power to UCSC as a routine event).

    UCSC has also been operating on a much lower administration and faculty budget than UCB for decades—the "painful" cuts that UCB has been dealing with still leave them with much more than UCSC gets for the same functions.