Monday, October 21, 2013

UC Regent Kiefer at UCSB on Napolitano- and the Tea Party and Occupy.

Daily Nexus UC Regent Addresses Administration Concerns: “You can’t meet with everybody, but you try. I think that this visit to all the campuses that she’s making — and making sure that she’s visiting with students, as well as the chancellor and the academic leaders — is very, very important. It’s a very important message, so I think she’s off on the right foot.”
“Her background is in military and militarizing our borders. Her background is not in education,” Abuata said. “You said it’s important to meet students, and that it’s a step forward. However, I know a lot of students that have been excluded from this meeting.”
many students said the meeting’s primary organizers — A.S. officials — did not publicize the location and time of the meeting, which included only roughly 10 invited students.

...some student comments in the piece:
In addition, Wegener said the UC lacks sufficient financial support for students in need and, as a houseless student himself, he said those needs should be addressed at a statewide level.
“This is not a time for celebration,” Wegener said. “We’re struggling to pay for our tuition, we’re struggling to pay for our rent…as a student who has to pay for tuition, I have been houseless for 6 months now.”

and also see:
UC Regent George Kieffer Discusses Student Activism, UC Issues With the Nexus
“It doesn’t look that way when you’re here … [but] some of the most radical students in 1969 became some of the most conservative students by 1980,” he said.
on protests and politics...
“There are times when it doesn’t help, when it can actually counter,” he said. “You got to pick your spots and pick the right issues.”

Mentioning the Tea Party branch of the Republican Party and Occupy protests as two instances of political activism gone awry, Kieffer said these radical approaches can be unappealing to the general public. “I don’t think it’s worked for the Republican Party to basically stage the equivalent of a sit-in in Congress,” he said, relating this incident — which led to the government shutdown — to the mostly leftist Occupy movement that followed the 2008 national economic recession, “In both cases, the public rejected the extremes and sought a middle ground. In fact, it drove people — in both cases — more toward the middle.”

Mr. Kieffer was appointed as a Regent in May 2009 by Governor Schwarzenegger to a term ending in 2021. (Links to his full UCOP bio etc. are in the tab above)
Since folks are on UCSB and the pols...
Has US Rep. Capps read/commented on this stuff?:
Santa Barbara Independent: UC (Doesn't) Care
She represents Santa Barbara still, right? - she's got 'family' at UCOP, so she should have some pull, right? -even if it isn't just a SB problem for the UC system. and: "Mr. Duckett said his office would continue to lean on Cottage and Blue Shield, and that in the meantime UCSB folks should write letters to “anyone who will listen.” , so...maybe
'Dear Rep. Capps,
Why are N----n and friends doing this?'...
-or, something like that- maybe.

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