Monday, October 7, 2013

UC SHIP update and Napolitano met student leaders

see: LAT Napolitano met with student leaders
and there's: UC files lawsuit against UC SHIP consulting firm Aon Hewitt

-recall during UC Regents meetings... a lot of UC regents routinely make predictions, statements about ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act -in relation to impact on UC Med. Did these same UC Regents have any hunches about UC SHIP in 2008 or 2010?
it starts off like this:
"I am currently a PhD student at a large, public university. It has
been my dream since I was a child. I was funded for two years, up
until this year, when it was discontinued as a result of my bullying
experiences. Funded graduate students are technically employees of the
school, but they are rarely regarded as such. It also seems to be
common knowledge that grad students are often subjected to poor
treatment. I expected to be worked harder than ever before, which is
not a problem for me, but I did not expect rampant emotional, mental,
and sexual abuse.
My funding was pulled and my reputation in a department I wanted to
transfer to was tarnished. They know that without funding it is
incredibly difficult to continue as a full-time Ph.D. student. They also
treat their non-funded doctoral students as if they do not exist. You
may be exempt from certain forms of bullying, but you also miss out on
many of the perks that lead to good job prospects in research

read the rest of the post along w/ helpful resources: here

and there is this on the strange limbo for unpaid interns

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