Tuesday, October 15, 2013

UC Student Observers at UC Regents meeting, more

covered in the Daily Cal- program will add three student observers to UC Regent committee meetings.
See Inside Higher Ed covers "At Berkeley" doc:

“It’s actually helpful that the list [of demands] is so crazy,” we hear Birgeneau tell another administrator via speakerphone. “If they had a list of three things that we could conceivably be able to address, that would be much more effective.”
His administration responds with a deliberately vague statement in support of accessible public education, which the protesters boo – but the rally dies down quickly, with no evident impact. A shot of the same reading room later that evening shows it to be neat, empty, silent. A worker begins taking down the protest banner tacked above the library door.
In an administrative meeting afterward, Birgeneau dismisses the protest as “classic oppositional politics; there was no underlying philosophy.”

In another, George Breslauer, executive vice chancellor and provost, is briefly seen giving a talk on making compelling academic personnel cases. “You have to combine passion with discernment,” he says, attributing the phrase to a former vice provost.
“…The coin of the realm in academia is rational argumentation and marshaling of evidence,” Breslauer continues, “and that’s where the discernment part comes in. Passion is necessary for a variety of reasons – to maintain your morale, to maintain the perception of you as committed, and in order to energize you to pursue [your] ambitions – but discernment is equally important.” Successful advocacy, Breslauer says, requires the use of evidence and logic, not “mere cheerleading.”

another piece on wedge: The Wedge Driving Academe's Two Families Apart
Can STEM and the human sciences get along?

Professional schools outside of engineering and medicine complicate the picture somewhat. Journalism and law often find themselves grouped with the social sciences and humanities, while public health is counted among the STEMs. The professors of business are frequently shunned by both families and sob about their rejection all the way to Davos. - imo, don't think 'the wedge' plays out this way...
Here's info and links to that new Little Hoover Report on CA Higher Ed- 'the master plan is dead'
UC Berkeley Anonymous on UC Care and options
Some students finally write about DailyCal ad picks. Noticed it too a while back -while reading an article on a fav bay area journalist and alum - and could not believe the placement of that ad next to that article at the time it published.(noted it in the second to last link at this post in mid July) Glad to see an op ed from students on it.

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