Friday, October 25, 2013

When the cat food bowl is placed next to the litter box, or something like that...

sorry for the title on this post -lame- no words really
well... I went to: read Napolitano's note to the UC community
posted at Our University
and noticed this story also on the front page:
Diana Dooley, California Health Secretary, discussed the state's health care marketplace with UC employees earlier this month

--wondered: 'is that Dooley related to the Dooley who told the L'il Hoover Commission those things about faculty pay, online instruction, and cat food bowls and money can make water flow uphill?' see 57:30 mark here in this video

and it looks like the answer is yes: Before becoming an attorney in 1995, she owned a public relations and advertising agency. She moved into health care in 2000, when she left her private law practice to serve as general counsel and vice president at Children’s Hospital Central California. She is married to Dan Dooley, UC senior vice president for external relations.
Maybe I knew this already and forgot-- maybe you know this already and it's nbfd. Understandably, being surprised anymore by anything is a rare experience for most- the Age of Jade.
but, anyway, something to maybe keep in mind as e.g. the UC and various hospital deals are discussed at UC Regents meetings and as the UC Care stories continue to unfold and there is backlash...

could have titled this post: “the dynamic Dooley duo.” there is more of that here.
also see: Report: Berkeley drops ball on athlete graduation rate

and this on pensions and dark money moves

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