Thursday, November 7, 2013

23% Poverty Rate In CA, Flip Sides for Gov. Brown, and Why Isn't Napolitano Visiting UC Berkeley With The Same Speed

as her visits to the other campuses? She even visited up on 'The Hill' quietly, but couldn't make it to Sather Gate, Hearst Mining Circle, NorthSide or...???!!! Why can't the Nap visit Cal before the inauguration? by avoiding the visit-- this was obviously gonna happen: An activist group will express opposition to UC President Janet Napolitano by protesting during her first public visit to the UC Berkeley campus since she took office.
UCSB gets a visit from UCOP senior leadership regarding their medical benefits issues.
A disturbing read: Ultimately, Wolf said, the judge found that Lumbreras and Lopez loved each other.

“Inherent in (the judge’s) finding was that there was not domestic violence,” Wolf said. “This case is not about unattended abuse. It’s about a tragic fatal car accident, and that’s all it’s about.”

Read: Berkeleyside original coverage to understand it all better.

in the words of the great Tina Turner: What's Love Got To Do w/ It?
Interesting!: A coalition of elected officials, students, UC workers and community members and organizations on Wednesday announced a new campaign dedicated to reforming the UC at a press conference in Sacramento.

more info on that effort here

KFBK: Prop 30 One Year Later: "Take Back UC"

Governor Brown's recent moves at the CSU Trustees meeting recently.
President of the UC Regents Ex Officio UC Regent Governor Brown on 'the flip side', how he sees income inequality in California: at Sac Bee and at NPR's All Things Considered- A Great Power Has To Find Some Unity, he brings up "a house divided cannot stand"

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