Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At UC: Record Private Donor Numbers, Programs Hit Chopping Block...potentially

UC record high in private donations-$1.6 Billion-The growing importance of donors in the 10-campus university system is reflected in the number of endowed chairs, or professorships: 81 in 1980, compared to 1,700 today. SJ merc
Twilight of the UC Humanities?
All in all, the Network, which includes UCHRI and the Consortium (the UC Humanities Centers and Institutes spanning the 10 campuses) received $11 million in total funding for this five year period. The Gardner Initiative was, in effect, “replaced” by the Network. And it is noteworthy that the Consortium and the Network are mysterious entities: there is a web “portal” that alleges their activities, but little real sense of collaboration.

2014 marks the expiration of the funds that have sustained the Centers and the Consortium. In addition, the President’s Faculty Fellowships and graduate student fellowships will also be suspended for 2014-2015. The recipients were named a “Society of Fellows,” but as far as I know, other Societies (at Cornell or Princeton) do not struggle for funding from year to year.

some of the leadership of Take Back UC are raising tweeted questions for some:
@marymad @cnewf Check it out. @AFSCME & @uaw2865 appointed pension raider Cannella as @TakeBackUC co-chair. His pension bill: http://leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/sb_0001-0050/sca_13_bill_20120111_amended_sen_v98.html

could be 'situational' - on all sides
Lawrence Lessig did Cal

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