Thursday, November 21, 2013

Battle of the Papers on Cal Athletics Grad Rates

your gonna have to look at all of it and use your BS detector:
The UC Berkeley PR folks put this out:
Sharp improvement in Cal Bears’ graduation rates, NCAA reports

In it, this quote: “We saw a lot of incorrect information being spread around about how they’re admitted, their experience while here and their outcomes. We wanted to provide correct information in the hope that the campus conversation would turn in more productive and useful directions.”

They are scrambling to create an administration friendly task force comprised of -- who knows...

The former World Bank guy, John Wilton, vice chancellor for administration appointed by Birgeneau has written a new paper on this topic

Apparently with a 'sensitivity' to the latest developments...Bob Jacobsen, executive associate dean in the College of Letters and Science and the campus’s faculty athletic representative and Richard A. Rhodes, an associate dean who heads the Academic Senate's committee on admissions, also have a new paper: “Student-Athlete Academic Performance at Berkeley: A Look at the Facts”

From a staff "principal architect" this: the Academic Improvement Plan

So, the above look like they are the new gadgets and gizmos the PR folks are putting out in response to this recent SF Chronicle news story: Cal's shockingly low athletic admission standards

based on this Center for Studies of Higher Education -CSHE- (a center at UC Berkeley comprised of retired high level admins, emeriti faculty,etc and a handful of researchers) report by John Cummins and Kirsten Hextrum go to

(former Chancellor) Birgeneau also is part of CSHE and so maybe he will put a paper out there, too or, maybe address it in his Lincoln project work, or...

More detail on the CSHE paper and the companion campus talk in this blog post from San Jose Mercury News outlet: Cal athletics: Blown budgets, abysmal grad rates, the stadium financing mess and Sandy Barbour’s future

and the SF Chronicle also had this follow up on the report: Cal Admits To Serious Student-Athlete Flaws

and for some additional history see this previous post: If It Has Been Going On For Ten it just about the coach or coaching staff?
somebody is going to have to offer a free of BS timeline that includes the specific years, the grad rates, the personnel present during those years in order to figure out what is really goin' on -- doing a battle of the papers and drafting new design plans does not seem to be a believable fix.
imo: still (can't help it) love football, h8 concussions, h8 athlete exploitation, h8 student exploitation. also non athlete students need to be treated fairly, and UC prospective student applicants also need to be treated fairly in that process. read the above reports, coverage- decide for yourself.

"The buck stops"... nowhere it seems.
UCLA football had a sweet proposal
and, students fight back against Keystone XL systemwide

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