Monday, November 4, 2013

Big Probs- but it all comes down to LUX and LZ

let's start with something fun
a mix of Black Country, Black Hills- Dark Matter - happy sigh:
Compared to LUX’s third of a ton of liquid xenon, the LUX-ZEPLIN, or LZ, experiment would have a 7-ton liquid xenon target inside the same 72,000-gallon tank of pure water used by LUX. Case Western Reserve University physicist Tom Shutt, the spokesman for LZ and a previous co-spokesperson for LUX, said one goal of LUX was to figure out how to build an even larger detector. “LZ will be a thousand times more sensitive than the LUX detector,” Shutt says. “It will just begin to see an irreducible background of neutrinos that may ultimately set the limit to our ability to measure dark matter." read the rest of the article here
there's UC Union Authorizes A Possible Strike At Campuses, Hospitals
On The Nap
remember that old NYT Yudof interview?...
now, the Napolitano Commonwealth speech letdown...
at least she didn't say she felt like she was the manager of a cemetery.
at least she didn't say 'throw in Air Force One and the White House'
or have photo shoots with her rolling up her work shirt sleeves etc.

She did a talk recently with Mrs. Jerry Brown
Her first open exchange/with the press/community talk happens at Silicon Valley rather than at UC...

She has initiated a system-wide task force on discrimination and hostile environment at UC.

There's an old Scandal Scapegoat Suicide story in San Francisco Magazine circa around 2006 that ended with the line from a non UC academic: "She recently got a call from a headhunter representing one of the UC campuses for a job she declined to pursue. Are you kidding me? she asks. Until that system learns civil behavior, I wouldn't recommend any woman go to UC."- The probs have remained unaddressed for a long time, Nap. might want to try to read that one if she can get it from their archives- can't find an active link for it online anymore...

One also might want to remember that the Christian Head story was reported to the highest levels in 2006 and only in recent months has it come to some conclusion and serious review. (remember a certain former water rights attorney who bragged about the enjoyment of 'waiting out' the opponent?- think he also runs alumni relations (did the fiat flush) too. connections on UC common modus operandi? )

(The head of UCLA Black Alumni Assoc, sort of mentioned resistance here and) you might want to think about that time line: 2006-2013. How much resistance does Chancellor Block, or any Chancellor, have to contend with to clean up the joint? Are we pretending that UC Chancellors and UC Presidents are in charge?

Even Napolitano's position at UC itself is the result of the UC leadership willingness to accept a well known female pol over a well known female academic titled (and Mrs. Jerry Brown- well, some might hold the view that that, in itself, sends another familiar/tired/harmful message on how women attain power and influence, too.) And, among the all boyz club we end up with Mark Yudof is an 'outsider'(b/c of Texas and Minnesota). Atkinson, Dynes and Birgeneau aren't considered 'outsiders' though -- who writes these rules, and where are they written?

Who is believable on the 'leaned in', 'in the arena' - and who isn't?
Nap's name unfortunately was mentioned in the LAX tragedy last week- hopefully this does not affect the nature of UC Regent open meeting processes for the UC community. Is the UC Regents meeting going to be like the way it was when she walked into the regents meeting the last time? It looked awful- it was a sad message as a community.
UC Berkeley report raises alarm about falling wages, outsourcing at U.S. airports
Dirks maybe should say something about Cal Athletics or it can come back later to remind him like this: "Her predecessor, Steve Gladstone, spent freely — the Bears didn’t start relying on millions in direct campus support when Barbour took over. And the administration (i.e., former chancellor Robert Birgeneau) allowed it to happen."
" The immensely flawed stadium financing model is not her responsibility — that falls on the shoulders of former VC Nathan Brostrom and Birgeneau.

But Barbour is largely responsible for the athletic department’s stunningly inaccurate description of the premium seats sales."

While we are at it - take a look at the ten chancellors of Cal
and it would be fun trivia, but- in light of all the big issues not being discussed in public comment by Dirks- it reads, right now, like a ridiculous detail?: "Chancellor Dirks will be robed in the traditional U.S. doctoral gown, featuring velvet facing, velvet bars on the sleeves and a hood arranged on his upper back. The color of the hood’s lining represents the institution that conferred the degree, while the color of its velvet trim represents the person’s field of study.

The maroon lining of Dirks’ hood represents the University of Chicago, where he received his Ph.D. in history, represented by white trim, in 1981. During the ceremony of investiture, Dirks will be presented with the UC Berkeley chancellor’s robe, featuring three royal-blue velvet stripes on the sleeves."
Fiat Led... Ramble On

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