Monday, November 18, 2013

CA Governor on CA Leg and UC: "we pushed the legislature to get this we had to use our muscle to get this done"

and On His "Jesuitical Harshness"

on a $100 million savings for UC- the Governor said
"it is hard to express these things clearly but what we are seeing here is a couple of things
1- the university tried to do this and the legislature would not go along and they would not go along b/c there is a powerful force that was trying to use this to pressure the university in their discussions which are sometimes called negotiations and i just want you to know because sometimes you think my Jesuitical harshness is not nice but i just want you to know we pushed the legislature to get you this and we had to use our muscle to get that done even though I like to deliver these hard truths you have an ally, a skilled ally, in the trenches in Sacramento so there was some arm wrestling here and we got it"

see the video at the 2:00:43 mark

this highlights the difference sometimes between CA and UC interests. what negotiations of the CA Leg was he referring to? tried to find news account but hard to find detail.
at the 1:25:45 mark When Regent Lansing mentions that she sees it as unfair how UC is 'not treated equally' compared to the community colleges and CSU systems- does she also acknowledge at the same time that UC has greater autonomy than those other systems as well? Is UC willing to give up some autonomy in exchange for being treated similar to CCC and CSU on pension contributions?
Cal Pol Issues has the audio and coverage of "UC Regents and UCOP Discuss Retiree Health including savings from moving out-of-state retirees to exchanges and potential to apply same approach to in-state retirees."
other stuff--Reed has a response piece to a post mentioned earlier- at CalBuzz

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